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President of La Fiorita Alessandro Cianciarusso (in the picture) On Via San Mauro Pascoli? These rumors, which have been circulating among Titan insiders for the past two days, after careful verification, turned out to be well-founded. The first company in San Marino since the end of December 2022, which was about to leave its position as it actually happened, held a meeting in recent days with representatives of the Romanian owners at the Samoris headquarters.

Cianciaruso visited the facilities, and opened a friendly dialogue with the managers who explained to Cianciaruso the reality of football in small Romania, how it works in the youth sector, the numbers available, the difficulties it has always faced, and the costs of managing sports despite that for ten years. Years Repeat Mathematical Miracle: Redemption in the Fourth Series, an authentic mathematical miracle.
A specific soft approach could lead, in percentages yet to be determined, to a partnership in the Romagna club which, apparently, is not the only one under Cianciaruso’s lens. With his help, the project can have some breathing room. A more precise assessment of the potential cooperation will be made after examining the financial statements and all the documents that the club’s accountants are currently providing to the colleagues appointed by the Bergamo businessman. There are those who talk about dividing the shares into equal parts, and about investing one hundred thousand euros. In fact, as far as we know, there was no talk about money, nor about new managers, nor even the coach of the team that would be born. Pietro Tamai’s role as sporting director does not appear to be in doubt. In this regard, the most famous name is Thomas Manfredini, who happens to be the coach of La Fiorita, highly respected by Cianciarosso, and who has already announced his withdrawal from the San Marino club.
Will there be white smoke? There are those who say that it is imminent, but most likely the path ahead requires a few steps. We’ll see in the next few days. The only thing that is certain is that the rumored hypothesis that Franco Varela would arrive at Samoris in the role of technical director, on the table for a certain period of time, has faded.
market As predicted by, Juvenis Dogana has made its first signing for next season: the Italian midfielder Evan Tany. Born in 1993, he is a player with great experience, especially between the Promotion League and the Ecilenza, and he arrives permanently from Dejaro, with whom he played the second half of last season, specifically in the Ecilenza. For him, this is the second return to the San Marino Championship, in which he previously played with Morata and Kilungu. Virtus will sign with Defenders Delucia From Tre Fiori who revolutionized the team (Bernardi also stayed). The midfielder arrives for the Cosmos Fats From La Fiorita, goalkeeper on the line Vivan and Zavoli. Also like it Rinaldi.

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Verucchio is on the goalkeeper’s trail Diego Lazani, in second place behind champion San Marino Virtus. In Gambetola’s assurances to the midfielder Tommaso Franchini and defenders Alessandro Di Fino (2002) and Francesco Aloisi (2003)). Pietracotta after the striker Eusebe Della Stella also evaluates Victoria’s two-year-promoted defender in Gabis Gradara, Gabriele.


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