September 30, 2023

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The usual Petrarch wins again. Italservice Pesaro – OA Sport also roar

The first part of the eleventh day program of The Italian Football League 2021-2022 entered from the five-a-side game in the archives. There were four challenges on the agenda, let’s see how it went. The Petrarch. The rifle team does 11 out of 11 to impose a 1-7 on the CMB MateraThanks to Rafinha’s quartet, Milo’s double and Barrell’s singles mark that smashed the home team of Basilicata, who scored only with Josette.

From leaders to Italian champions, step is short. Indeed, Italservice Pesaro imposes itself, with authority, for 3-1 on Sandro Abate. Boruto double, for a moment 2-0, earning a back and forth on the Bizjak-Honorio axis, took a very valuable three points from Marche who now stands as the second powerhouse in the championship (24 points) less than nine points from Padoan. And the rest of the games? Tongue twister score: 2-2 double. Meta Catania-Olimpus Roma and Naples-L84 actually influence this finding.

In the challenge between the Sicilians and the Capitoline, the stars Musumeci (double) and Schininà, while they are in one between Campania and Piedmont Capica and Fortino, with the Neapolitans to make a comeback, to take to the stage. tomorrow, December 4, Manfredonia-Lido di Ostia and Real San Giuseppe Corman Pulestina will be in the program, waiting for Came Dosson-Feldi Eboli, which will take place on Sunday, December 5.

Photo: Futsal Division

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