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Character drawing of Hockey Bondino against Amsecura Cagliari

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A great and intense match played on Saturday 11 March at the stadium Andrea Giati Bondino, between my hostsHC Bondino and theamsecura Cagliari.

Matilda coach Marco Britonothe He had to give up Tartary and Partneusky, but get Marcellini, Badani, and Fedosenko back.

In the first quarter of the game, after the first few minutes of study, it is clear that the Ferrara players are in control of the game, but the sheer amount of play produced only leads to an opportunity. Hussein, which ends at the edge of the prism. The pace of the match is still lively and the two formations are facing each other head-on, without paying much attention to tactics.

In the second half of the game, Bondino continues to create chances, but it is the opponents who, in a minute, lead with a score of 2-0. First, defensive indecision opens the door for giftso it is Justini To score from a short corner kick. Before the long interval is Hussein To default on White and Blue, they repeat the Manca Ranger’s refusal while driving a lone.

in the third period Marcello SochiPerfectly prepared MuzioliRe-parity. For him, it is the second goal in the tournament, after the goal he scored at the Butterfly Stadium last weekend. Bondino hits the throttle to try to overtake, but the Sardinians still find the double advantage, first Boy Then again with Justini From a short angle, he thus signs his personal props.

In the later part of the game he got wild Leandro Cardenas, which he realizes twice from short corner kicks and thus allows his team to influence the match. In the exciting finale of the match, both teams have the potential to bring the whole stake home, but all the chances created don’t lead to anything tangible.

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A 4-to-4 final leaves a bitter taste in the mouth throughout the game produced, but it also means a point win of massive character, with Matildas able to recover on two occasions from a double-double.

In addition to Cárdenas, he is still the “man of the match” for referees and referees, good evidence of Hussein And Singleand in general for the whole team, which had only a few minutes of defensive obfuscation, and then played an attacking game, entertaining the numerous fans.

These are the players who took to the field: Nizi, Calzolari S, Calzolari A, Bergamini A, Bergamini Al, Ferrante, Candiago, Cardenas, Hussein, Vahid, Sochi, Muzioli, Merighi, Costanzeli, Santini, Fedosenko, Marcellini and Badani.

These are the lyrics Simon Clazzolare At the end of the race: We played great hockey in the first quarter but we couldn’t score. Then taking advantage of our shortcomings, Amsicora achieved a double advantage. We did well to get back in the game, but then the light went out again and we were down 4-2. With such a great reaction we took them again and this is a sign of great character. In my opinion, you gained 1 point, and you didn’t lose 2 points.

Elite Serie A

Results day two

SH Bonomi-HC Bra 2-4

HP Valchisone- Paul.Verini 2-2

HC Bondeno- SG Amsicora 4-4

HC Tevere Eur- HCC Butterfly 1-1


HC Bra 4

HC Tevere Euro 4

SG Amsicora 4

HC Bondino 2

HCC Butterfly 2

HP Valkyson 2

Paul Ferrini 1

S.H. Bonomi 0

In the next round, it was a very insidious match against the 2022 Italian championsHC overland. will be played Saturday 18 March Starts from 15:00.

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