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All the hockey intensity of EA SPORTS NHL 24 is available on PlayStation

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Electronic Arts released today espoRTSN NHL 24now available globally for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Powered by EA’s Frostbite engine, the all-new game Exhaust engine Sustained pressure and goalie fatigue systems are introduced to deliver a realistic and intense hockey experience, showing all the adrenaline and fatigue of high pressure on the ice. NHL 24’s physics-based communication mechanism allows for realistic communication between players and scanning of their bodies, improving the sensations of the gameplay experience..

“Hockey fans love the intensity of the sport. This year, thanks to new features like the exhaust engine and physics-based connectivity, we’re capturing that feeling.”said Mike Englehart, Creative Director at EA Vancouver. “NHL 24 allows players to experience the thrill of the sport and we can’t wait for fans to experience its raw physicality.”.

NHL 24 includes a series of New featuresof between it:

  • The gameplay has been completely revamped: EA SPORTS NHL has never been more intense, with Completely new gameplay mechanics Shows the pressure, physicality and control of real action on the ice. The new Exhaust Engine – powered by Frostbite – includes Sustained Pressure and Goalkeeper Fatigue systems, which reward sustained attacking actions and time spent in the frontcourt, adding a new level of authenticity and enjoyment to the game. Players can switch anywhere, anytime using vision scrolling, and full control over skill moves makes using highlight reel moves easier and more accessible. These are just some of the exciting improvements made to NHL 24, and players can learn more by watching the 15-minute in-depth trailer here And the related blog post here.
  • Chill’s most dynamic world ever: Players will be able to connect in more ways than ever before thanks to enhanced Cross-Play, resulting in better matchmaking across all platforms. Improvements to the Creation Zone will provide players with greater customization, while the EASHL Playoffs update introduces an authentic, simplified 16-game course, allowing players to earn leaderboard points as they work their way through the series. NHL 24 also offers the World of Chel Battle Pass, and players can experience action-packed free and premium seasons. To learn more about the improvements made to World of Chel, visit the walkthrough video here And the blog post dedicated to the roads here.
  • Enjoy historic hockey moments in Hockey Ultimate Team: NHL 24 features HUT Moments, which allows players to recreate, share and follow iconic hockey games using a system that updates player progress based on items, teams and on-ice movement in real time. NHL 24 also introduces a new real-time goal tracking system, allowing players to track their goals and focus on the exciting on-ice action. To learn more about Hockey Ultimate Team, watch this over eight-minute in-depth analysis here.
  • Modern presentation: With NHL 24, players will experience a deeper immersive on-ice experience thanks to the inclusion of Flex Moments, which brings more than 75 new fanbases and customizable camera angles, lighting, and fan controls that will allow players to set their own fanbase from the comfort of your monitor. NHL 24 features enhanced crowd reactions to bring the true power of hockey to life, while dynamic rink boards extend augmented reality broadcasts and communicate key on-ice moments. To learn more about the all-new NHL 24 trailer, you can watch the approximately eight-minute in-depth video here.
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