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Beer: In Canada you can relax with the largest beer spa in the world

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Do you want to relax? Well, you have to go to Canada, where you can find Muskoka Beer Spa, the largest beer based spa in the world.

If you find yourself CanadaFind out more precisely what will launch on April 7, 2022, in Ontario Muscoca Beer SpaThe The largest spa in the world dedicated to beer. All outdoor swimming pool, two whirlpools, four saunas, a music stage and even an ice rink.

Relax and brew Together, a perfect match. In practice, liquor is incorporated in this spa: customers can take beer here and have a relaxing drink in the pool or various lounge areas.

At this point, it seems that the beer spa is not yet accessible Distillery Even before the official opening ceremony, the rooms have already been opened. All you can do now is drink a kraft beer in front of a campfire or use a hot sauna.

Muscoca Beer Spa

Every room is practical and comfortable Draft beer pipe (Homer Simpson acknowledges this!) So fresh beer never fails. In addition, free snacks are available, with a built-in sink, TV, WiFi, queen size beds, a living room and a corner area with a kitchen area.

Soon, they too will be held here Live concerts And events that combine music and beer. The spa costs about 33 euros a day, but additional treatments are excluded from the price.

Wow, if you want to relax with beer, without going to Canada, remember that you can always practice beer yoga, everyone has their own yoga style!

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