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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone are twenty years old and are back in cinemas all over Italy

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Twenty years ago, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” the first movie in the saga dedicated to the wizard born from the pen of JKRowling, hit cinemas. To mark this important anniversary, the film will return to cinemas all over Italy, if only for four days, or from December 9 to 12.

It was one of the most successful films in the world, and the first in this epic that attracted millions of readers around the world, or “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s StoneOn November 16, it will be twenty years since its release in theaters. On the occasion of this important anniversary, the film will be shown. In all Italian cinemas from 9 to 12 December.

Twenty years after the first release in theaters

A real event that will bring together, once again, fans from all over the world who have followed all the adventures of Born a Wizard by J.K. Rowling’s Pen. It first arrived in Italy on December 6, 2001, but the real theatrical release dates back to November 16, which is the day Sky Cinema Family will re-propose the movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. Over the years, the number of fans of the saga, which includes seven books and several film transfers, has grown to 37 million, an exorbitant number but one that gives full knowledge of how captivating the events of Hogwarts students have become for audiences and as it changed the world’s collective imagination. That is why it was decided to organize a series of interconnected events to celebrate this anniversary, and to re-propose the magic of seeing in the hall, if only for four days.

Success also on TV

Harry Potter success It can also be measured in terms of television and not just cinema. After making sure that the film reached record numbers at the box office, even proposed marathons on the small screen, especially in the first closing period, he showed how The epic has become iconic And it continues despite the passage of two decades. In fact, the TV date in those weeks became unmissable and It has captured the attention of over three million viewers Which is an excellent number, especially on certain networks, in terms of TV ratings.

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