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John Wick: All the curious stuff about the movie is on the air tonight

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Tonight at the climax, the first chapter of the John Wick saga will premiere. That’s all you need to know,

John Wick It is one of the most loved films by viewers around the world, so much so that the success of the first act brought to life a true saga dedicated to the character in question.

John Wick –

John Wick: Everything you need to know about the first chapter of the saga

The first chapter was directed by Chad Stahelski The text is signed Derek Kostald. In the role of the protagonist, we find the actor Keno Reeves who will return to explain the character also in the following chapters.

The film was released in American cinemas in October 2014, in Italy, and was distributed only in January 2015, and was a good success with the audience.

The film, whose budget is $ 20 million, receives $ 89 million worldwide, which is why it was decided to continue the saga.

as revealed Reeves During some interviews, the actor never needed a stuntman to shoot the most dangerous scenes, taking all the responsibility for the consequences that might arise, in fact, the actor is present in 90% of the movie scenes.

Also, the director Chad StahelskiOnly the acrobat took his place Kno Reeves In most of the oyster scenes from the epic matrix. Another curiosity lies in the fact that in a scene from the movie, John Wick He wakes up in his house and notices the intrusion of the Russians.

A similar situation happened only to Reeves In 2014 when he woke up he found a stalker in his house who spoke to him without any excitement, then he immediately called the police and arrested the man soon after.

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the plot

Reeves To shoot this movie, he proved quite stubborn enough to learn the nightclub fight scene on the day of the shooting despite he had the flu, and also accepted without problems spraying bacon on his face to make sure the dog jumped on him without restraint.

John Wick It tells the story of an ex-assassin who steps away from the world of violence to follow his own heart. But after the death of his wife and suffering from a kind of depression, he decides to take revenge on the criminal Joseph Tarasov After he stole his car and killed his dog.

John Wick It will air this evening in prime time Italy 1. To watch this movie John Wick – Chapter 2 2017 e . movie John Wick 3 – Parabellum For 2019, which will be followed by a fourth chapter to be released in 2023.

John Wick's curiosity about the movie

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