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Idiot Armando Enchernato

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The quarrel between the knight from Campania and Marcello, in the end Enkernato apologizes.

Yesterday, Friday, November 5, 2021, a A new episode of men and women. Here progress spread from News:

Starts from see more with the dispute between Tina Cipolari and Gemma Galgani Who argues why Gemma He didn’t get off the podium and so on Tina He was unable to dedicate the song he had prepared for her which the columnist started and transmitted.”You are left alone. A new gentleman came to meet Gemma and made him stay to give him a chance who was intrigued by the fact that he travels a lot in a chariot, but did not physically feel the spark.

Then he arrived at the study center Marcelo that went out Jessica. Things didn’t go well, and he seems to have fallen asleep at some point and seems really uninterested, so he shuts down knowledge. Three women intervene, but he kills them and announces his abandonment of the program.

Then, a fight broke out between them Armando and Marcelo. The rider from Campania accuses him of being a liar and that he told him that he was not on vacation this summer but that he had received a photo of Turin attesting to the contrary and that even the former one he was said to have been so fond of was a gift. Then Marcelo decided to stay to see the photo in question during the next episode.

Armando He says he can take it right away, he gets up and takes it and shows Marcelo Take a selfie behind the sea. The real estate agent explains to him that this is a picture taken in Liguria and also tells him that his friends are present and it is certain that the previous one was not there. Everyone believes in Marcello, including Gianni and Armando, they are also scolded by the host herself because the person who provided him with the picture wanted to confuse the whole program a little and is known to the authors and Maria and is unreliable. In the end, Armando was forced to apologize.

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Enter tronists and start from Andrea Nicholl She does not want to go out with any of the suitors. In the episode there is only Alessandro, While syriany He sent a message that he would never return to the studio. It all starts from what happened in the previous weeks and it seems that Alessandro didn’t show up in the studio and I went to pick him up and this pissed off Cibrian. Maria asked her if she intended to go pick up Cyprien as well and she replied “exactly yes”, even if he had been deceiving himself since last week he declared himself in love and then decided to cut all ties with her. Having said that, he leaves the studio and takes action to go into it.

it’s your turn Roberta. see outside in it Luca He shows her photos of him as a child with his mother, tells her about his depression and finally takes a kiss. He’s so happy but Mariah immediately points out that she dated too Samuel. The part of the outside where they go out to dinner, she was positively embarrassed, and they hug her and offer her the urge to want to kiss her so he starts Kiss even among them. clearly Luca He is distressed, and feels as if he had not weighed their outward appearance after he had seen him first in the morning and then Samuel in the afternoon. She explains that she can be seen well with him in all circumstances, while Samuel piques her interest even more because she feels like she’s missing an as-yet-unrevealed piece. Her interest is strong in both and she is confused about what to do and what to choose. In the end, at Maria’s request, Roberta chose to dance with Samuel.

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Episode ended with Andre Nicole who returned to studies men and women Along with Ciprian who, however, has a severe frown and keeps the point. She finally started crying because she didn’t feel like she understood her at all. Maria asks her if she believes in his declaration that he is in love and she says yes but she is so frustrated with the conversation that led to nothing, that Maria makes them dance and asks that they have a song to dedicate to her. Its “better than cinema” for Videz.

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