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Alicia Vikander reveals unpleasant details about her sex scenes

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Alicia Vikanderthe Swedish actress, winner of the 2016 Academy Award for danish girl Also a new translator Tomb rider In 2018, she came back to talk about her career, talking about her decidedly unpleasant experience during sex scenes and generally nude as she found herself acting.

The translator, interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar, referred to a character recently introduced to Hollywood, an intimate coordinator, explaining that she would have liked her presence in the past, when she had little need of her: I found myself in situations that did not go in the right directionin which I did not feel protected,. Everyone was busy doing their own thing, and in their midst, There was an actress who sat naked for a few hours. Someone should come with a bathrobe, but it’s not. Only then would you realize how bad it was. Someone should have taken care of me.

Alicia, who starred nude in films like girl with tulips And the Where the earth tremblesThen he added in this regard: The only thing that cannot be improvised is an intimate scene, you have to design it and respect what has been set. Filming those scenes is the worst part. I’m really comfortable with my body and I’ve filmed some sex and nude scenes, but it’s never easy”.

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source: Harper’s Bazaar

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