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Alleged first images of GTA creator’s new open world game – . leaked

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It’s been more than five years now Everywhere It was announced by former GTA producer and former president of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies. Only a handful of information has come out since then, not even a trailer or official material. Until today at least, since The first alleged photos Triple A open world from Build A Rocket Boy.

The footage, which you can see in the tweets below, was shared by Chris Klippel, a French video game journalist and founder of Rockstar Mag, a portal entirely dedicated to the production of Rockstar Games.

As we can see, the pictures are immortal Three different landscapesIt is a futuristic city, valley and exotic jungle accompanied by floating rocks. All have a stylized graphic style, but it is clear that it may not be the final or the only one used everywhere.

According to, an information portal that shares all the news of the ambitious Build A Rocket Boy project, an advertisement for a job for the position of Art Director indicates the use of Two different graphic styles for the sake of the game.

Keep in mind that we’re not entirely sure if the above images are authentic, so take it with caution, awaiting official confirmation or denial from Build A Rocket Boy. A spokesperson for the studio recently said that Everywhere aims to “create new worlds and new ways to play.”

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