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Alberto Angela “disturbs” the world of science

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Incredible story. But also a lesson for everyone. Never give up after some failure.

The intellectual and the child of art. And what’s more, it is loved by women. yet in the past Alberto Angela It also disappointed my dad badly Piero Angela. Read a little about the story we tell you.

Alberto Angela (Twitter)

Piero and Alberto Angela

It needs no introduction, Piero Angela. The most famous scientific broadcaster on Italian television. his program, “quark”, at least once, by any Italian. It had the advantage of making culture accessible to a much wider audience than the professional audience. 93 years old, a landmark of Italian culture.

Alberto’s son, who was born and raised in Paris, followed in his father’s footsteps. Paleontologist, a branch of natural science that studies organisms that lived in the geological past and their living environments on Earth. From an early age, he also devoted himself to scientific publishing on television. In fact, since 1997 he has been running a “Passage to the Northwest” and since 2000 “Ulysses – The Pleasure of Discovery”.

Piero Angela (Getty Images)
Piero Angela (Getty Images)

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In short, Father Piero cannot help but be proud of his son. Who continues to follow in his footsteps, brings culture to the homes of Italians. However, in the distant past, Alberto Angela caused great frustration to his father Piero. Specifically referring to the course of study. Perhaps the most important area in Angela’s home.

Piero and Alberto Angela (web source)
Piero and Alberto Angela (web source)

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Alberto, in fact, was Until they failed the fifth grade. A unique fact rather than a rare one. It was Father Piero himself who announced this during an interview. However, Piero Angela argued that this refusal was fully deserved. This accident along the way greatly disturbed Alberto Angela. But, of course, it provoked a positive reaction. Which now made it a new cultural reference point.

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A lesson for everyone. Never give up after some failure.

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