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Brutal Sundays – Canada’s captain and Zambia’s top player wearing a tombox on his nose were egged on.

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“This team is one Shop”. A phrase that every football fan has heard or uttered thousands of times, apparently forever feeling Infamous. But in the times of mega malls Brutal Sundays Almost stands on the side of the store: few frills, but a lot of disorder Delicious stuff. Almost, because Stahl isn’t exactly a symbol of Brutal Sundays, but Mini market: Garrison Province, some delicatessen, some haberdashery and sometimes even pubs, bars and tobacconists. Well, today the award-winning Mini Market Dominica Pestiali offers many interesting items.

Toilet paper
Yes, basic. If it is missing, it is necessary to find solutions in very different ways, perhaps the first tags RedAs for the juniors del football player Football Menaggio 1920, Lombardi, was disqualified until March 22 because “at the end of the match he seriously offended the referee, and on the announcement of the disciplinary action he repeated the same offenses and told him, ‘I will clean my card. Your card ….. I playing in the first team. By this he clearly meant that the sanction to himself would be omitted without producing effect. All this ignores the fundamental principles enshrined in Art. 4” of the GTC. Might be a little tough. Football player behavior of course.

Fresh eggs
Yet these are indispensable in the province: to Bread and Omelet to bring to the ground, for Donut For breakfast, per person Pork and eggs steering wheel. So a very welcome gift Kennedy MusondaHe was the author of Power Dynamos’ decisive goal against Nkana Football Club in Super League’s derby Zambia. A sumptuous performance earned him Five packages from Egg: Two for goal scored and three for Man of the Match award.

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TAMPAX extension
These are also very important, and the award-winning Mini Market Dominica Bestiali would certainly not exist without them. One expects the best in highly prestigious environments like mine World CupCanada’s captain instead Hutchinson His nose was bleeding Dumbox in the noseA lot Hanging string From the nostrils. He swore he “didn’t care”: maybe it was good publicity.

It is the season, but in this case we are not talking in the literal sense of the fruit, but even if he likes pine cones, we reject the concept in the “Monterean” key. Yes because in the derby between Petralia Soprana And petticoatIn the Sicilian section, the guardian of Petralia Sotana feels insulted by one Opposite fan He climbed over the fence and threw a “Chestnut”. In short, in perfect Cantona style. A press conference is expected with a single sentence: “Kwannu laipassi jigutunu i barchi, è piccoli benzunu si ettunu i sardi a mari”.

All Mini Market
Yes, sometimes like at Christmas you can overdo it at the mini market and pick up a little too much stuff. Often means Unnecessary Then the house becomes fat. So? Then that’s enough Drag them all vs Refereesas ManduriaIn Puglia, with the local team, fined 600 euros Because: “Own supporters threw against a helper Umbrella Without beating him, as well as some Coins and A lighter A blow to the back does not cause pain. Also, until the end of the race, the aforementioned helper was hit with several clues.

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