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The situation in the Italian league and European teams

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Inflammation and positivity boom after resuming preparation. Cases are on the rise abroad too

Team status by team
Atalanta: Seven team members have not been identified
Bologna: De Silvestri and four aggregates of Primavera
Cagliari: Aresti, Bellanova, Cragno, Deiola, Lovato, Grassi, Lykogiannis, Cavuoti and 5 spring players
EmpoliPositive in the team team
Fiorentina: two positive players
Genoa: two players
Rome: Darboe and two players whose identities have not been announced
Sampdoria: not positive
Salerno: Eight positive players
Sassuolo: Footballer
Turin: 4 soccer players
Udinese: nine players
Venezia: Fourteen positive in the team group

African Cup, 12 places in Comoros
The arrival of cold showers in Comoros, fresh from qualifying for the second round of the African Cup. The local federation has in fact announced a positive for the 12-member Covid squad, including the coach and, above all, the only two goalkeepers available.

Fiorentina, two players on the team squad
“ACF Fiorentina announces that two members of the team have been regularly vaccinated and tested positive for Covid-19 with no symptoms with a swab taken today. The company has activated all procedures stipulated in the established protocol and has notified the relevant authorities.” Then Viola released the team roster, from which Vlahovic and Sabonara were excluded.

Fiorentina, excursion departing for Cagliari
Fiorentina are still waiting for the latest updates regarding the linings on the eve of the match which is why the team postponed Cagliari’s departure. According to reports from, the Italian players were already on the bus, ready to head to the airport, but then the flight delay arrived, which is now scheduled for 4.45 pm.

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New health tests are currently taking place in Cagliari, the situation is developing pending the results and coach Walter Mazzarri’s conference, tentatively scheduled for 12.15, has been cancelled. The team’s training remains scheduled for this afternoon, while the next match is scheduled for Sardinia tomorrow, at 12:30, against Fiorentina.

Atalanta vs Roma match with 11 players and goalkeepers
Atalanta left for Rome, where it will face Lazio in the league this evening. However, Covid’s situation is worrying, to the point that Gasperini will only have eleven players in addition to the goalkeepers. Seven footballers would have contracted with Covid. The smears taken this morning did not find any new positive.

Venice, there is no new positive in the last round of Tamboni
You will play Inter Venezia regularly. In the last round of tampons, there were no new positives in the group of the Venice team, which, therefore, will regularly contest the field at 6 pm in San Siro against the Nerazzurri.

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