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ADSU L’AQUILA reopens “Canada” Multifunctional Center at COPPITO | The latest news from Abruzzo

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L’AQUILA – The “Canada” Multipurpose Center reopens in Coppito, L’Aquila.

Head of the Adsu Agency for the University of L’Aquila Eleana MorganteAt 11.30am on Monday, at the headquarters of the “Canada” multipurpose center in the Aquila area of ​​Copido, Vetoio convened a press conference, via 48, to announce the reopening after the Kovit stop. Of the same structure, next scheduled for December 9th.

The meeting with the media will also be an opportunity to create a balance sheet on the company’s activities in 2021.

Built with funds donated by the Canadian government after the L’Aquila earthquake, the center has study rooms, bars and a gym.

“This is a strategic location for L’Aquila because it is dedicated to the socialization and integration of young university students and is also available for use by some city associations,” explains President Morgante.

The municipality-owned structure is in debt for ADSU use.

The press conference will be attended by members of the ADSU Board of Directors and many others, including the Vice President of the Regional Council. Ignorant Emanuel And Municipal Councilor of L’Aquila Daniel Ferrella.

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