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Eternity lit up the sky of Rome – video

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On the occasion of the Italian theater show eternity, in cinemas from November 3 distribution The Walt Disney Company, ItalyIn Rome, two hundred drones that created a stunning choreography lit up the sky over Rome, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World: the Colosseum.

A swarm of drones flew over the Roman Forum inside the Colosseum Archaeological Park, creating a magical atmosphere between history, culture, technology and creativity. Drones rose from the magnificent balcony of Horti Farnesiani and from Casa delle Vestali to create an evocative light path transformed into a 3D constellation inspired by the movie, to then form the awaited title “Eternals”, over 130 meters wide and written “Only in the cinema”. The choreography was seen from many places in the capital such as the Temple of Venus and Rome, where the actors and director watched the show: Chloe ChowAnd Richard MaddenAnd Gemma ChanAnd Angelina Jolie NS Kit Harington.

The operation was carried out thanks to the work of forty-seven Italian and French professionals, led by Luca Toscano of the Artech Group and made possible thanks to the great collaborative efforts of the respective institutions. An emotional video with creative direction and production by T3KNE, and the flying footage from the Skyters Drone, was created from the ground by BRAD & K Production.

The third film in the fourth phase of the cinematic universe marvel – Directed by Chloe Chow, an Academy Award® winning director for Bedouin Brings to the big screen an epic story spanning thousands of years and stars a new team of superheroes who are forced out of the shadows to unite against humanity’s oldest enemies, the perverts. To play them a cast that includes Richard MaddenAnd Gemma ChanAnd Camille NanjianiAnd Leah McHughAnd Brian Terry HenryAnd Lauren RidloffAnd Barry KeoghanAnd without meAnd Kit HaringtonAnd Salma Hayek NS Angelina Jolie. eternity It will arrive in Italian cinemas on Wednesday 3 November, distributed by Walt Disney Italy.

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