Home Top News National Test – GLOBL JAM, Italy takes on Canada tonight

National Test – GLOBL JAM, Italy takes on Canada tonight

National Test – GLOBL JAM, Italy takes on Canada tonight
National Test - GLOBL JAM, Italy takes on Canada tonight

After a win against the US team and a loss against Brazil, The National Examination under 23 years of age He returns to the parquet of the Mattamy Athletic Center in Toronto to challenge the hosts on the last day of the first stage of the GLOBL JAM (live in Italy at 03.10, live on YouTube Italbasket).

Coach Ramondino’s Azzurri played shooting in the morning and are now waiting for prime time for two balls against coach Nathaniel Mitchell’s team, in the Canadian national team division since 2016 and last year’s assistant Toronto Raptors in the NBA.

After two games, only the Canadians have full points in the tournament, thanks to victories against Brazil (89-75) and the “Derby” against the United States, defeated at the end of a beautiful match. The Leafs did after chasing them for most of the contest.

From a physical and talented roster, captain Marcus Carr, the class of ’99, played with the most points in the first two games (14 points per game) and the team’s top assist (15 assists in two games), and Emanuel Miller, winger. 32 points and 18 rebounds between Brazil and Baylor University.

Liam Udom, returning to the loss suffered by the South Americans after the first two games (12 points against the USA, 11 points against Brazil) and offers the match against Canada: “Against Brazil we played a bad first half, and a good second half. More than the merit of the green-gold defense, We wasted too many possessions to our own disadvantage. What the coaches asked us was to clean up our game. It’s going to be a match like this against Canada. Yesterday, let’s avoid stupid mistakes, focus on our stuff and play it, hoping to bring home the win”.

Under-23 Test National Team Squad *

#3 Michael Chukwudelu Diego Anumba (1999, 192, A, Winthrop Eagles – NCAA)
# 8 Alvis Sarto (2000, 200, G/A, Novipiù JB Casale Monferrato)
# 12 Mattia Palumbo (2000, 198, G, Basketball 2.015 Forlì)
#13 Saverio Bartoli (2000, 191, P, Lux Chieti)
#18 Federico Zambini (1999, 191, B/G, Top Secret Ferrara)
#22 Ethan Vincenzo Esposito (1999, 201, A, Old Wild West Udine)
#23 Maximilian Lauderner (2001, 207, C, Dolomiti Energia Trento)
#27 Liam Udom (2000, 199, G, DeGenis Verona)
# 30 Guglielmo Caruso (1999, 209, C, OpenJobMetis Varis)
# 43 Leonardo Arins OKK (2003, 213, C, Nov. JP Casale Monferrato)
#73 Michael Ebeling (1999, 202, A, Old Wild West Udine)
# 75 Niccolò Filoni (2001, 198, G/A, Top Secret Ferrara)

* Teams they belong to refer to the 2021/22 season

President: Giovanni Petrucci
General Manager: Salvatore Trainotti
Head of Delegation: Fabio Di Bella
Coach: Marco Ramondino
Assists: Ricardo Fois, David Villa
Physical trainer: Dario Di Conti
Doctor: Roberto Ciardo
Orthopedist: Rodolfo Roche
Physiotherapist: Biagio Di Giorgio Giannitto
Team Manager: Matteo Cirelli
Referee: Valerio Grigioni

Under-23 Test National Team Scheme

GLOBL JAM (5/10 July)

July 5
Italy-America 77-88
Brazil-Canada 75-89

July 6
Italy-Brazil 68-72
Canada-USA 69-67


Canada 4 (2/0)
Brazil 2 (1/1)
Italy 2 (1/1)
USA 0 (0/2)

July 7
Brazil-USA (2.10pm local time)
Canada-Italy (03.10 Italian, 21.10 local. Live on YouTube Italbasket)

July 9
Semifinals (20.10 or 03.10 Italian, 14.10 or 21.10 local. Live on Twitch Italbasket)

On the 10th of July
Final (01.10 Italian, 19.10 local. Live on Twitch Italbasket)

Workouts and GLOBL JAM at Mattamy Athletic Center, Toronto (Canada).

July 12
Return to Italy
End of meeting


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