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Val Pusteria is located in Ljubljana and is held by OA Sport

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Busy Friday night for the 2022-2023 Ice Hockey League. 10 teams took part on the ice, one of which was Val Pusteria. The yellow and black were on stage in Ljubljana and, unfortunately, the heavy knockout came 2-5. With this defeat, the standings of Wolves becomes even more complicated, given that they remain third from last place with 24 points and see the Slovenes run away to +5 who, moreover, have played one game less. So let’s find out in detail what happened on the evening of International Humanitarian Law Day.

Evening matches international law

HK Olimpija Ljubljana 5-2 Val Pusteria: Nothing to do with wolves at Arena Tivoli. The hosts immediately set the record with the opening goal after just 38 seconds. Perić scored an assist for Krinović. The game continues to be on the brink of balance, but Ljubljana doubles the lead at 31:34 with Capel up 2-0. Val Pusteria reacts instantly and cuts it 1-2 at 32:57, but the Slovenes have no intention of watching the match reopen. Kapel scored again at 40:25 for 3-1, then Garreffa hits 4-1 at 47:42. The Yellow Blacks raise their heads again at 51:56 with Andregassen up 2-4, but Sudja 43 seconds from the end caps off all speech with a 5-2 goal.

AVS Fehervar – BEF Vorarlberg 3-0

Black Wings Lanez – Jazz 99ers 2-5

HCI Innsbruck – Red Bull Salzburg 2-5

VSV Villach – EC-KAC 5-4 after a penalty shootout

Standings in the Ice Hockey League 2022-2023

Credit: HC Pustertal – Ioan Fouba

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