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Third place in the European Cup Lorenzoni land

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Indoor Hockey: Third place in the Lorenzoni European Cup Bra 1

SKIERNIEVICE (Poland) I spent the all important weekend in Skiernievice to play the tournament Indoor Hockey Challenge 1 Pridesi President Kaloniko met the champions Lithuania, Georgia and Portugal in the knockout round.

The start was positive with a 6-0 victory over the Georgians thanks to goals from Agro, Anania and Koroska, but the second, more difficult match against Sauliai of Lithuania was narrowly lost, 1-2.

On Saturday, the last match of the preliminary rounds was again won 4 to 2 against the Lisbon players, thanks to a good overall performance and the many changes made by Mr. Perino.

Indoor Hockey: Third place in the European Cup, Lorenzoni, by land

At this point we are down to the last races eligible for upgrade. Lorenzoni beat the Copenhagen side 2-0, with two goals from Alicia Anania, who together with Sara Agro proved to be more goalscorer, and everything was played against a Polish Start Pizerny who had a clear path: a victory was necessary, but unfortunately despite a good run that Played out, the Braids couldn’t get past the tie for 2 to 2.

The Lithuanian and Polish ladies were promoted to cup level, but being on the podium was still important for the girls from Praia, who, after winning the tournament recently, will return to Europe next year.

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