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According to science, these are the foods that help protect health, your wallet, and the planet

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To maintain a healthy body, trying to prevent the emergence of various diseases, it is very important to pay attention to what we eat. Nutrition, as we have also found many times on our pages, is an important aspect of our psychological and physical well-being.
Indeed, this aspect can affect metabolism, the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the appearance of tumors, etc.
In fact, in a previous article we also saw that there is a food that we consume every day, which can increase the risk of developing allergies.

However, nutrition is a factor that affects not only health, but also the sustainability of the planet and, above all, our pockets. In fact, he says This study by HumanitasNow more than ever, it is necessary to take these factors into account when choosing what to eat.

According to science, these are the foods that help protect health, your wallet, and the planet

Therefore, paying attention to your eating habits does not only affect our health. In fact, most of the time, eating well also means saving money and taking care of the environment.
All this is inevitably related to the conscious choice of the foods being purchased, also taking into account their seasonality.

As for the purchase of fruits and vegetables, for example, it is very important to try to do it at “0 km”, and possibly follow the so-called “food calendar”. In fact, following the seasonality of these foods helps protect biodiversity and allows us to eat better, more nutritious foods.
Moreover, let us remember that those who eat little fruit and vegetables can develop this tumor after the age of 60. Another important aspect, however, is to limit red meat consumption. This food, in fact, in addition to being one of the most expensive foods on the market, is also rich in saturated fats that contribute to an increase in cholesterol in the blood. To replace red meat, we can include other foods such as legumes, tofu or ground vegetables based on plant ingredients in our diet.

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Planning is everything

So, according to science, these are the foods to eat and which ones to limit to stay healthy and protect the environment and money. However, another very useful tip to save money and eat well is to plan your shopping. This habit, in fact, will allow us not only to balance meals more consciously, but also to avoid food waste and contain economic expenditures.
In this sense, it is also preferable to buy bulk foods to cook at home day in and day out, thus reducing the purchase of ready-made foods or going to restaurants.


According to science, this will be the best way to cook to avoid wastage and loss of nutrients

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