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WhatsApp, the heartbreaking news is coming: in the “Groups” everything will change

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News of the upcoming bombshell on WhatsApp: Everything inside the “Groups” will change in the famous application of Mark Zuckerberg

WhatsApp Instant Messaging Platform (Pixabay)

a team The WhatsApp Keep working tirelessly to add More advantages In its application, it will also study new solutions that allow matching those of its main competitor, i.e. cable. In fact, we recently saw how WhatsApp is preparing to receive it social communication But the news does not end there, because it is new iOS Beta Update It provided foundations for a completely new feature, which should come with the upcoming version of the app.

Exactly, boys WABetaInfo In the source of the beta version of the instant messaging app, they found some references to a functionality that has been in existence for some time in the Telegram channels. And that may soon reach the Mark Zuckerberg app.

According to reports, in fact, Whatsapp will work on group surveys. It appears that the feature is currently under development and this feature could be useful in groups in a number of circumstances, as it would allow managers to investigate quickly Mood of participants to organize initiatives or Check the preferences of individuals from the respective group, without confusion. But let’s together see in more detail the characteristics of this feature.

WhatsApp: Polls in upcoming groups

The WhatsApp
Mark Zuckerberg WhatsApp (Pixabay)

In fact, in the screenshot you posted WABetaInfoit shows itself Graphical interface of survey creation system. at this point, Group admins will be able to choose which question to ask in the survey And of course to follow The different answers.

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On the other hand, it is still not clear whether this occurs in groups Facebook The option to allow users to add additional options will be given. However, the system looks similar to the one that’s been around for years Twitter, where you can easily create a survey and see the results instantly. In fact, Twitter only allows you to vote once in a poll and the total number of votes up to that point and the time remaining for the poll are displayed under Options. Therefore, it is easy to assume that similar features are provided for WhatsApp as well.

Also, at this moment No indications have emerged of a possible launch date for this feature. Therefore, we just have to wait for more updates and wait for the long-awaited polls to arrive in the groups.

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