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Lacrosse Goal Care and Maintenance

Lacrosse Goal Care and Maintenance

It’s easy to take the care and maintenance of a lacrosse goal and net for granted, but they must be taken care of carefully and vigilantly so that the targets you use are safe and not deteriorating.

Net maintenance

Best Lacrosse Net last forever. Ultimately, cracks and rips in the network will precipitate the purchase of a new network. It can be hard to find alternative lacrosse goal nets if you don’t know what to look for.

The 4mm thick net will withstand any shot taken with real strength and power, and you will benefit most if you can find a net with bungee wires to install easily. You can find mesh from 2.5 mm to 6 mm thick.

The thicker the mesh, the less likely it is to tear. A 6mm thick mesh may cost you twice as much as a 2.5mm net, but you won’t have to replace it for a much longer period of time than a thinner mesh might.

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Pole maintenance

How should I keep a good lacrosse goal?

Lacrosse goal with traditional steel shafts may eventually rust. It’s a good idea to keep organic matter away from the base of steel lacrosse poles, which can begin to deteriorate or corrode if exposed to excess grass, litter, and various debris.

Lightweight, portable lacrosse targets won’t have as long a life as permanent lacrosse targets with squared corners, welded and thicker steel tubes, so if you’re using a foldable training target, prepare to replace it sooner than you would a sturdy, competition-level target.

The crease on a lacrosse field is 9 feet in radius, and it’s farther away from the finish line (15 yards from goal) than in a box game. A large part of a team’s attack starts behind the goal, so managing the wrinkle both defensively and offensively is very important.

Players are not allowed to enter or land in the crease, unless forced by a defender. If such a violation occurs, the goals are waived and the possession is awarded to the defense.

The matches in lacrosse come at the beginning of each quarter and after each goal. They consist of two X position players and two players from each team sitting on the wing area lines (20 yards from the middle of the field and 20 yards long, parallel to the side line).

Once one of these eight players gains possession, the rest of the players can cross the vertical restriction lines on the sideline and 20 yards from the midfield.


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