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Aboudi: “Racist and violent outside of football. We want Euro 2032 »

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Today’s edition of “Il Corriere dello Sport” focuses on Aboudi’s words regarding violence in football and racist chants.

Giorgia Meloni brought him out of the mountains with a call: «Leave Milan-Cortina alone, I will be waiting for you at Palazzo Chigi. I need you”. Andrea Abodi, 63, who has worked as a sports director in various roles, already saw himself in the position of managing director of the 2026 Winter Games. But a few days after the new government took office, while he was already studying the five he also considered the ring file That this is a “service to the Fatherland”, he found himself leading the most popular and at the same time complex circle: “Sports and Youth”. Five months of work, from the beginning of November to today, is the time to put initial credit. To do this, the Minister chose Corriere dello Sport-Stadium.

Minister Aboudi there are 165 days in the government. Goals achieved? We lived them all at once, without stopping. We managed to allocate 800 million between the budget law and the public contribution to sport for this year. We make the same commitment to major events. We want to emphasize a new model that supports the development of sports in a multidisciplinary field, in cooperation with other ministries.

D’Onofrio case, Inter curve emptied with extreme death, clashes between fans on the A1, racist and anti-Semitic chants, capital gains cases. What happens to our football? “What happened in recent months requires a greater commitment from the sports institutions and beyond. We must free stadiums and football from delinquency and crime. The stadium should belong to families, children and fans who respect the laws. Racism and anti-Semitism must be fought immediately. What happened last night in Turin and what is happening in many stadiums is unbearable. We must also resume investing in education from a medium- and long-term perspective.”

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Against racism, after the Lukaku case, do you envision immediate action? “Last Friday we held a technical meeting with Interior Minister Piantedosi, we decided to draw up a plan of activities and initiatives to share with FIFA and the federations to make the work to combat all forms of rudeness and violence more and more effective”.

Ultras fighters worry the country. Are the prohibitions imposed by conservatives the solution to the problem? “Public order is a sensitive issue, it goes beyond football. The cultural and social causes should not be underestimated, but in the face of riots, delinquency and crime, we must act accordingly, above all with prevention. It is quite clear that the travel ban, in any case, is a defeat, but we will all have to work hard to make sure that it is not final ».

So the travel ban is a surrender by the institutions? No, it is a decision made after careful analysis. We must have complete confidence in those who administer the public order.”

In December, it rejected Lotito’s Serie A request to amend the tax deferral. Why? “I thought it proper that there should be no terms favorable to A corporations.” The measure then passed is different: it gives no discounts to those who owe money to the state, allowing the beneficiaries of the measure to be treated on an equal footing with the guaranteed terms of the system. Business “.

Tell the truth, do you get along with the president of Lazio? “To coexist with me, mutual respect, respect for roles, and striving for the common good are sufficient. Suppose we don’t often find ourselves agreeing on these assumptions, but I don’t give in and I hope he doesn’t, either.”

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The national football team has opened up to the natives, but there are thousands of young people born and raised in Italy who have to face many obstacles to obtain citizenship. his reflection? “Indigenous people are always welcomed positively. However, we need to work with our young people, given that spring is full of foreigners and the reasons for the absence of Italian youth do not convince me. I think we must restore the centrality of our school, encouraging the return of children to football. Another topic is the topic ” Sport alone”, an issue that needs to be addressed within the government and with Parliament. It will be my responsibility to promote discussion on this subject.

How important is Euro 2032 to your idea of ​​the future? «We want to be serious, to reach the goal, which is not only to host the European Championship 2032, but to present ourselves in a dignified way to fans, investors and partners in the audiovisual field. We want to ensure that Italy also qualify thanks to the modernization of stadiums and training facilities.”

Are stadium construction problems solvable? Today, Italian stadiums are not hospitable, suitably accessible for the disabled, smart from a technological point of view, they are uneducated from an environmental and energy point of view. There is an inter-institutional committee to support the Italian candidacy and I will soon also invite the control room set up in the last legislature to address the problem of stadiums in cities that are not in the file of the European Championships. We will do it, and not only in sponsoring the conferences in which we participate.

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For 30 years we have also heard about football reform… “Reform must be done. Next week, I will ask President Gravina and the heads of the federations and technical components to accept my invitation to a discussion that must necessarily be decisive.

Sports betting tax and anti-piracy law Where do we stand?
“Thanks to promoters Maccanti and Mollicone, we will have an efficient and common law, which contrasts with the criminal economy. I hope it will be approved before the Lega Serie A 2024-2027 announcement is published. I will discuss sports betting with my colleagues because this issue, whether it is the restoration of advertising or the recognition of the right to bet on the organizers of the event, deserves further study and participation.

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