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Hockey, Mastini Varese scare Valdifiemme, but they waste a lot

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Milan – The mastiff pays dearly for two negligence, while creating many opportunities. And so comes another defeat for the Geloneri. But it tastes different.

the match

A 4 to 2 does not make merit As shown on the ice opposite the first of the chapter. A flood of opportunities created by Giallonera’s team that were not properly exploited and a bitter defeat. The Valdivimi He chose to give Peiti a break and Foppa plays between posts, while Payra and Cordin are still absent at Varese.

ready to go and immediately felt Gialloneri forward, But the publication rejects Berosus’ conclusion. The game remains balanced in the first minutes, until the sixth when it is the usual Eastman who scores the advantage of the guests from distance in numerical superiority. Defender is not new to these conclusions. The Mastiff plays like nothing and offers some interesting actions, but Foppa is well against. At first, nothing else relevant happened.

Starting second in a row with Valdivemi ahead in search of the double, But Varese’s defense fought on every disc and stopped the constant pressure of the Trentino people in the first five minutes. When Gialloneri appears to be taking action, the double guest arrives, still in numerical superiority: deduction from a distance Roupec saves him Muraro but the disc escapes and slips into goal.

missed opportunities

The Mastiff picks up speed and finds himself playing with the extra man for 4 minutes. At this time, Pyrosus devours the network which cuts the advantage in half, and puts two steps at the end of good team work. In the next two minutes directly, the pressure from Varese was good, but Cavalese’s defense It keeps and eliminates risks. At 35’33” thinks about it Porgy to carry the mastiff on his shoulders: Using fifth gear, players take opposing players for a walk, a special slalom and deposit the first Varese disc into the goal, with fans who accompanied the entire movement in step up, which developed from the left towards the center.

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The network stimulates the mastiff. Tellaro receives a puck from the defense, and flies towards the opponent’s cage but the attempt crashes into the opposing goalkeeper. Before the second siren Varese takes advantage of another powerplay which doesn’t produce much if not a central score From the same Telaro rejected by goalkeeper Fuba.

mastiff pressure

For the third time full of dynamism, with Varese building up endless opportunities, but without being able to put goalkeeper Foppa into place. There are many cases of numerical superiority of the Gialonieri who, however, lack accuracy and concreteness. The third dartel is played at only one door with the mastiff that puts pressure on the opposing team. Valdifiemme puts his nose up in a long 5v3 event which Varese defends very well. Too bad for the defensive foul at the end, when Locatin takes advantage of a forgotten disc in front of the goalkeeper and shoves it into the net. The Gialonieri Press and Finding the Hope Network With P. Borghi, whose quick touch under goal rules Foppa to the second mark. The Mastiff is ready for the last 200 seconds to play without their own goalkeeper and with an extra man to move, but another defensive chaos in the neutral zone opens the way for Finitzer who collects a puck that de Baldo sends and escorts at an unguarded door.
A game of strength and a couple of defensive neglect doom the Mastiff to another defeat which, however, should be read with a good dose of optimism for what appears on the ice, especially in the third period of play.

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Match Report

Mastini Varese – Valdivemi 2-4 (0:1 1: 1 1: 2)

6’07” (VF) Eastman (Vinatzer, Roupec) PP1, 28’47” (VF) Roupec (France, Vinatzer) PP1, 35’39” (MV) M. Borghi (Caletti), 54’25” (VF) ) Locatin, 17’21” (MV) P. Borghi (M. Borghi, Caletti), 18’52” (VF) Vinatzer (De Baldo) EN

Mastini Varese: 30 Muraro (90 Mordenti), 3 Schina, 5 Della Torre, 9 A. Bertin, 22 E. Mazzacane, 37 Belloni, 44 De Biasio, 8 Segatel, 11 Gay, 13 Gasparini, 15 Caletti, 16 Vanetti, 23 M. Borghi, 27M Mazacan, 31 Alivato, 32B Borghi, 34 Colati, 55 Berosso, 74 Telaro. Coach: Tom Paraso

Valdivimi: 30 Foppa (32 Peiti), 5 Eastman, 17 C.Defrancesco, 22 Ghizzo, 29 Franza, 31 Misconel, 36 Bonelli, 92 Roupec, 3 De Baldo, 9 Locatin, 15 Vinatzer, 24 Vanzetta, 28 Odorizzi, 34 Vieder, 64 Nicolao, 80 Chelodi, 90 A. De Francesco, 96 Gamper, 97 Vicenzi. Coach: Erwin Costner

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