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“A raw story told in an unforgettable way”

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“We felt the need to tell this story of the misery that surrounds the whole affair, a double misery: the one who wears sarcasm from a group of thugs; and the one who wears despair of those who agree for a few thousand euros to have broken bones, for the pocket premiums of During the simulation of car accidents. This is explained by Vincenzo Perrotta when shooting his first film, as a director and actor, in the Casa del Cinema in Rome, the screening of “Spaccaossa” at the Venice Film Festival, based on a true news story in Palermo, which starts from November 24 arrives in cinemas, and premieres Once in Milan, Rome and the capital of Sicily.

It is echoed by Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone, in this case as screenwriters and co-producers. “We’ve gone along with a very particular story, telling it in a way that’s not ‘tascio’ to put it in Palermo style, in Rome they’d say it’s not ‘forced’, without getting bogged down in details like broken bones, which can only be seen in the opening scene of the film,” Bconi points out. “A real fact becomes a model for a certain world, compared to many other news events, which Perrotta has been able to give the shape of a cinematic story,” says Ficarra, also emphasizing “Daniele Sipre’s contribution to photography is able to make more than the image of the city the mood of the characters, beyond Palermo.” brightly, because the characters are angry.”

Like Ficarra and Picone, Pirrotta has noted that it is “a raw film, which does not rule out nor gives any hope to the characters who are heroes in different forms and roles but we avoid judging how ugly, filthy and bad they are. . . This story includes and allows us to attend to feelings and nuances that we do not generally repeat in our lives But it’s interesting to follow.” With Vincenzo Perotta, Céline Karamaza, Neni Bruchetta, Giovanni Calcagno, Aurora Quattrocchi, Luigi Lo Cassio and Simona Malato, they perform among others, with original music composed by Palermo singer-songwriter Alessio Bondi and a score by the unforgettable Gioni Russo voice.

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