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The Grinch, remember the little protagonist? Today it has changed a lot

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Do you remember the little protagonist of the popular movie The Grinch? She is now a woman and has made a truly amazing change.

Taylor Momsen in The Grinch (YouTube)

In the past, the beautiful Taylor Momsen starred in the well-known movie Greenwich.

At that time, the actress was just a child, starring opposite the unusual Jim Carrey.

The latter as many know him is a well-known actor, which he has been in his long career Acting in very popular films, including The Truman Show Which brought him a lot of fame and fortune.

A really drastic change that Momsen made while growing up, and so let’s see what he has become today.

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Taylor Momsen, Change After The Grinch

Momsen Taylor
Taylor Momsen (Getty Images)

It was the year 2000 when Taylor Momsen played a role in The Grinch, a popular movie directed by director Ron Howard.

A fairy tale that remains today still one of the must-watch cult films, especially during holiday season.

From that year to today, a very long time has passed, Momsen turned 28, and now she is a real woman.

In the course of its growth there were many the changes Which he personally made physically.

from beautiful girl She has transformed into a sensual woman with a deep rock soul.

The young woman has been pursuing a career in acting for some time, mainly known for her participation in TV series gossip Girl In which she played the role of Jenny Humphrey.

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However, in 2010, the woman decided to literally retire from the acting field, to devote herself to her greatest passion and that is for Music.

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In fact, Mommsen is the leader and founder of a rock group the pretty reckless And in the ensemble, Taylor became not only a singer, but also the rhythm guitar.

So Taylor and his group had the opportunity to release four albums, The last one out del 2021 dal titolo Death by rock and roll.

a look Always perfectly exaggerated rock and gimmicks with the kind of music you bring to the stage, Momsen now distinguishes.

He seems to enjoy a lot with his band Success, He signed to the singer that she made the right decision by leaving acting to music.

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