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Football Excellence: Bentivoglio only needs one half to eliminate Coriano

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Tropical Coriano – Bentivoglio 0-2

Tropical Coriano: Bianchini, Perazini (25 Molaroni Street), Cicarelli, Bartoli, Bartolucci, Anastasi, Tamagnini (Marmo Street 20), Incici, Carrere, Scarponi, Arlotti. Available are Roasts, Deluigi, Donati, Guidi, Lovesi, Fagnarelli, Tommasini. everything.
BENTIVOGLIO: Farinella, Bonandin, Cattabriga (23′ st Mura), Battaglia, De Sisto, Bonenti, Grimandi (23′ st D’Errico), Colle (43′ st Spadaccino), Lipparini (26′ st Margotta), Grazia (15 Saint Cyprian), Sansonetti. Cocchi, Baietti, Fratangelo are available. everybody.

Referee: Centeni of Cesena.
Nets: 24′ pt aut. Bartolucci, 29′ Ponente point.
Booked: Bartolucci, Colli, Cipriano, Derico, Battaglia.
Notes: Restore 3′ pt and 4′ st.

Key actions

first half

21′ Scarponi wedge into the opponent’s area from the left, kicking hard at the near post, Farinella turns to the corner
24 ‘ Bentivoglio takes the lead, a shot deflected by Bartolucci hits Bianchini in the opposite time, who only manages to touch the ball without avoiding the goal.
29′ Bentivoglio double: Cattabriga’s tense pass from the right that helps Bonetti cut the ball, manages to slide between Ciccarelli and Bianchini, his quick touch the winner.
32′ A cross from the left at the far post for Ceccarelli, Tamagnini heads the long post, Farinella is there.
32′ Another cross from the left at the far post for Ceccarelli, Tamagnini orchestrates again beautifully this time with a half over header, Farinella instinctively rejects

the other half

22 ‘ Arlotti runs right and Cattabriga jumps quickly and hits in the center of the area a low shot to Tamagnini and right and hits a shot
45′ Substitute Tomassini builds an excellent movement on the right, an attractive cross for the oncoming Inchesi who, from an excellent position, hits the ball badly with his head and the ball heads wide.

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