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Storming the art of Leda at Spazio Arte Petrica | is news

Storming the art of Leda at Spazio Arte Petrica |  is news

Saturday 2 July Opening of the exhibition “Lettere d’amore” by the 32-year-old artist from Isernina. Curator Carmen D’Antonino and attorney Gennaro Petrica will also speak.

When we talk about the role of art in human history, as Ernst Gombrich argues, It is inevitable to question the role of the artist, because there is no such thing as art, but there are artists and their works, and in judging art it is necessary to examine the role of artists and what they can do. to produce.In this context, it is interesting to analyze how Lida’s artistic career developed and understand whyA title was chosen for his exhibition: “Letters of Love” in Art History A Love Letter Very popular in 17th century Dutch painting, just think of JanSteen or Gerard ter Borch paintings or Jacob Ochterfelt which depict beautiful and elegant female characters. We perceive the same elegance in Lida’s paintings, with her fluid and colorful touches pervading the canvas, evoking in us a sense of poetry and a love of art, where the female figure among illustrations and abstraction becomes the fulcrum of the exhibition. In fact, the “Leda” project starts from digital illustrations to abstract painting. His artistic message stems from the need to find a deeper relationship with both life and within him his “I”, a group of non-figurative images that have the function of a visual diary and that express his mood. A pink world without women where love becomes the protagonist of the show. “Love is the center of everything. Love is the center of everything. Everything happens out of love or lack of itFrom the face or from the veil of colour, there arises a deep feeling as if by magic, a sense of stillness mixed with a thin veil of sadness, abstract sensuality, an aura of mystery. He builds his art Starting with emotions and looking atAbstract painting and all the abstract arts as a wonderful tool of knowledge allow them to travel freely in their interior spaces, free from any restrictive form or judgment and mental construction and thus completely free to go and experience beauty.

Critical note from GENNARO PETRECCABy: Simona Perpetua, aka Leda, already in the choice of the stage name proclaims herself a beauty, sensitive to beauty and a lover of form whose globally recognized original roots go back to the classical world.

His original interpretation of the art is a delicate balance between the refinement of the designer, the chromatic tone of the casual painter, and the eccentricity of advertising painting.

The result is interesting, the result of a search that indicates the essence, which induces the reflection obtained by subtraction, in the alternation of letters to be deciphered.

The panorama of contemporary art is universal, now ignoring academic presupposition, coinciding with freedom of expression in a world evolving in which each person becomes, in his own way, an interpreter of impulsivity, discomfort or transcendence. It has been transformed into a graphic, sculptural, and pictorial gesture.

It is an attempt to make the self immortal, to live beyond life, an effort that has always moved man regardless of faith and geographical origin.

The sign of Leda will tell us about her, about her “emotion” as an English for feelings, and about the fluidity of her female characters who represent souls rather than bodies.

Biography note: Lida was born in Isernia in 1990, she attended high school at the State Art Institute “Giuseppe Manuppella” in Isernia. He later moved to Turin where he deepened his studies in Fashion and Textile Design at the European Institute of Design. She graduated in 2012, and began working as a fashion designer for several Italian and European clothing companies, designing collections for several fashion houses. But his interest in art is always present and in 2016 the “Leda” project was born. In 2020 his first exhibition at the Spazio Arte Petrecca Gallery in Isernia.

Unnatural paint and open to the public

Saturday 2 July 6:30 pm

The exhibition’s inaugural painting is scheduled to begin on Saturday, July 2, 2022 at 6.30pm in the Galleria Rooms at Corso Marseille 180 in Isernia. The artist will intervene LEDA Art historian and curator Carmen D’Antoninowith the lawyer Gennaro Petrica.


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