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Seoul Crying 154 Boys Between Silence and Flowers –

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From Paula Polo

The death toll from the crowd at the Halloween party in Seoul, Korea has exceeded 150 years. They were all very young: the country would be in mourning for 7 days. The accusations were made: No security measures

from our mail
SEUL – twenty meters, that is, twenty steps. If only they could get them, they would be saved. Why Before and after that, others stretched. Instead, what happened there: on a small stretch of a small road 45 meters long. The 154 boys died last night, most of them in their twenties, 97 women and 57 men, nearly all Korean, were choked and crushed in a silly crowd as they celebrated Halloween. They will remain in the imagination of these people very confident that the blurry flashes will appear Knot On national television for dozens of guns moving frantically on still objects: The saviors tried to revive them, stopping only when someone stretched them out, to cover up that mess, blue wraps as a sign of surrender to death.. Ambulances flocked to dozens even though there was already controversy over relief efforts accused of arriving late, such as the police, who according to some should have been there first to prevent the crowd. But Home Minister Lee Sang Min defends his parents: It was a spontaneous, unplanned event And the scale we were used to before the pandemic, he explains by noting that some clients were hired for various protests elsewhere.

In the sunlight, everything looks even more ridiculous. This silly trap is so close to safety, wigs, fake noses, hats, and ribbons are now locked into clear trash bags piled high above trees. There is a surreal silence about where Seoul nightlife lives: street food, sex shops, sneaker stores, fake shops. At dawn, someone begins to bring flowers and deposit them next to the subway exit, Itaewon stops, spitting boys and girls for hours on Saturday. They are mostly chrysanthemums, some pink. Young man leaves two bottles. Another wine, then water, rum and a couple of beers. In case the boys who are no longer there are thirsty or willing to drink on such an unfair journey.

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Like Saturday night when tragedy was unfolding and people threw water from windows to cool those trying to breathe below. But by no means could this hell be extinguished. She holds a flower and cries July, the perfect coat and red work bag, she has no trace of makeup, strange to Koreans, here the girls do not go out without makeup. Not this time. Too many tears don’t let flow. I was here last night but got scared and left early. The kebab shop, albedo of Turkish cuisine, in front of the Cursed Street confirms: they all looked crazy. But already from the night before. Go wild. This was the first time without restrictions in two and a half years. They had an infectious passion and energy. They talk of horses on leash, people on stilts, colorful wigs, exaggerated clothing: but no one is surprised. Korean boys are known all over the world for their eccentricity in terms of fashion and music.

Yesterday the area remained closed. Surrounded by dozens of policemen and yellow tapes with forensics at work to find traces to explain and the exact moment everything went wrong. It holds the premise that something convinced everyone to go in the same direction. Maybe the news of a famous person sitting in a bar on the street. Perhaps this is because young Koreans are fans on the brink of hysteria: reporting one of the Black Pinks or BTSs means unleashing thousands of teens. The images flooding into social media are unforgiving: even when customers arrive and help them they can’t even take the kids by the hand and pull them off because they are so close to each other. You see the tallest reach the air at the top and the smallest and smallest give up.

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The police arrived late. Rescue arrived lateEven the pure white-haired young man shouted louder. Then there is the girl on the sidelines. With eyes wide open towards the street. She has two pigtails and is still wearing Halloween slippers, with two little pumpkins drawn. She does not speak English, a friend consoles her: she has the cries of those who ask for help in her head. In front of the flowers on the sidewalk, the preacher raises his voice against everyone but above all against the Halloween party: not a party for Jesus, not a party for us. Mocking Pranks: The difficulty of first aid and then confession was also this party. Everyone was wearing clothes and make-up.

Today should have been the last day of this madness. Instead It will be a week of national mourning, decided by the President of the Republic, Yoon Seok Yeol, who was among the first to personally take to the Cursed Street.. The government also received Gucci’s managers and together they decided to cancel the parade that was scheduled to be held tomorrow at the Gyeongbokgung Palace, with more than 800 people, as a sign of respect. the correct.

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