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The origins of the Joker and his future in the sequel

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The new joker We almost didn’t see him and he really seemed to be a part of us. Puffy, pierced, corroded on the face like the worst monster under the bed. But he laughs when he eats you. Deleted Scene from Batman (which we have translated for you, you can find it here Joker sub ita . scene) He’s already revealed a lot about the new clown played by Barry Keoghan, and he’s ready to take the stage in the next films from the franchise.

Joker is similar but different from its predecessorswhich focuses so much on the young age of the interpreter who has already shown tremendous value (just think of his disturbing interpretation in Sacred deer sacrifice). But Matt Reeves revealed Different background of the jokergiving us the tools to understand it a little deeper and imagine how it could be exploited in the future.

Hannibal Joker

The inspiration from the Matt Reeves movie is clear now, and we talked about it in our article on Batman who combines noir and cinecomic.

but the Cutting the scene with the Joker adds an extra piecereconnecting with two masterpieces of cinema history: Manhunter by Michael Mann E Silence of the Lambs by Jonathan Deem. Instead of the Joker, in both films, the Mephistophelic character of Hannibal Lecter, the famous cannibal serial killer who was used by the two detectives as a source of information, and help to catch another killer terrorizing the city. and that is The role of the Joker in the sceneBatman’s weakness puts him in front of his doubts, trying to make his own science waver. What if Matt Reeves actually told us what kind of joker we’ll see in the next movie? After all, it would be a great way to use the villain, as a “sick mentor” to a Batman who learns and who faces a greater threat than himself. What will be unknown: Riddler who escapes and hatches an even crazier plan? Or even the Court of Owls that manipulate everything in the shadows to the point that only The Joker’s sick brain can help Batman? At the same time, the escape of the clown from Arkham will be inevitable, until he finally sees them against each other.

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The origins of the joker

Matt Reeves definitely wanted to do something different. And Barry Keoghan, too. This is why we start from the fact that The Joker did not fall into a pool of chemicalsAnd no one made those scars on him.

There is no mystery, it seems, only disease: it is actually a medical reason why this Joker has a swollen face and can’t stop laughing. Not surprisingly, Reeves was mentioned The Phantom of the Opera as the character’s inspiration. A monster life made like this, but a role he found himself in so well, that he became one in every respect. A bit like what happened to other inspiring movie fans: elephant man by David Lynch. In this case, the beast showed the bestial nature of mortals, but it takes very little to change itself if the whole world points an accusing finger at you. Kind of Joker Joaquin Phoenix but he’s still an extremist, hideous, literally brutal. And the madness toward the world of Barry Keoghan’s character can stem precisely from this, even its most insane consequences. So the Joker remains young, he has not yet fallen into a complete mess, but he is definitely on the right track.

Then there are small details noted in the scene: When Batman takes the volume from the Joker, a paperclip is missing. Lack of interest on the part of the Dark Knight due to his inexperience, but what It will allow the Joker to escape from Arkham. At this point, we’ll really explore its origins, perhaps in a role reversal as Riddler works as Batman’s prison aide to capture the most dangerous enemy Gotham has ever seen.

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