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Lancia, Napolitano: In our plan there will be room for emotion. I dream HF

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Lancia – Napolitano: \”In our plan there is room for emotion, I dream of HF\” “}, {” type “:” image “,” small_url “:” https://statics.quattroruote. it/content/dam/quattroruote/it/news/industry-finance/04/07/2022/lancia_napolitano_in_our_piano_ci_sara_spazio_per_l_emozione_io_sogno_un_hf/gallery/rsmall/2022-Luca-Napolitano-Lancia/content/quataru-01.jpg / it / news / industria-finanza / 04/07/2022 / lancia_napolitano_in_our_plan_ci_sara_spazio_per_l_emozione_io_sogno_un_hf/gallery/rbig / 2022-Luca-Napolitano.

Lancia – Napolitano: \”In our plan there is room for emotion, I dream of HF\” “}, {” type “:” image “,” small_url “:” https://statics.quattroruote. it/content/dam/quattroruote/it/news/industry-finance/04/07/2022/lancia_napolitano_in_our_piano_ci_sara_spazio_per_l_emozione_io_sogno_un_hf/gallery/rsmall/2022-Luca-Napolitano-Lancia/or content: //https://it.jpg /dam/quattroruote/it/news/industria-finanza/04/07/2022/lancia_napolitano_in_our_plan_ci_sara_spazio_per_l_emozione_io_sogno_un_hf/gallery/rbig/ 2022-Luca-Napolitano “-Lanciation”

Lancia – Napolitano: \ “In our plan there is room for emotion, I dream of HF \” “}, {” type “:” html “,” content “:”

If I could dream, and confirm the dream, I’d like to have the HF in the range. Thus the CEO launchLuca Napolitano, in conversation with journalists in some Italian newspapers, including the Quattroruote, allowed himself to move forward on the most emotional lines of a multi-year plan that so far seemed very logical, focused on a group of the brand’s core products: heir Ypslonin 2024, the intersection of about sixty-four meters will have the leading role, in 2026, and Reinterpretation of the deltain 2028. Napolitano explained: “This is a very pragmatic plan that involves putting the things needed, one by one, in the manner,” but he also added, “It is not certain that the other things do they cannot get in all the way. If the programs continue according to the schedule. And the results were positive, I do not rule out that, in one of the periodic checks that are carried out with Paris, we can think of enriching it with something else.”

Employment. Pressed, the CEO of the Italian brand drew a contour of this action: “I think if all goes well, we can add activities. We can add different variations of products, we can add a special series … If you want to dream it will be from Great to have HF. Dell the rest, those strong among the premium brands have AMG, John Cooper Works, etc. We have the technology to make HF in Stellantis. So, if all goes well…, why not ? I don’t usually speak of this because my rule is to convey only approved things, while these belong to the domain of hypotheses or, as I said, dreams.”

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Yes for one time, but consistent. Separate chapter, but made of the same pasta, the pasta of dreams, or feelings, if you prefer, is about individual matters. Or to expand the field a little, few opportunities. Napolitano takes restomod for example, like Chimera EVO37, which he finds interesting but not quite in keeping with the ethos of the brand. “If I had to do a one-off combustion engine, I don’t think it could be considered compatible with a brand that aspires to go completely electric by 2026. Reinterpreting the 037 with a conventional engine would be fun but not coherent with what amounts to the rest of the range. These kinds of displays are also marketing and communication tools. If I want to explain what’s going to happen in Lancia in the next 10 years, then I have to do it with the right tools.”

Goodbye car shows. Finally, there are Nfts, which are non-fungible tokens, i.e. digital certificates, on the blockchain, of a single original, digital or physical, that simultaneously certify the ownership of the person buying them and find applications from digital artwork to cars, allowing higher Degree of exclusivity and customization. They are already working on these in Lancia. Will they also be able to replace typical cars? For Napolitano, no. Physical exhibitions will remain. But they won’t be at car shows anymore. “We will be presenting our cars at artistic, cultural and entertainment events. But going with 40 square meters of space next to a huge Mercedes showroom, in a traditional show, no thanks, it wouldn’t make sense.”

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