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Zendaya pregnant with Tom Holland? Actress forced to intervene after viral shot [FOTO]

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How does romance go between Zendaya And the Tom Holland? Very well, it seems, but not to the extent that the rumors will attract fans of the couple. In the past few hours, several foreign sources reported, a picture spread via Tik Tok which made us believe Zendaya was pregnant.

This is not a paparazzo shot where you can look at a possible “bacon”, but a real ultrasound. The shot appears as if it was from Zendaya’s private profile and reads: “I love you, we are halfway“,” Then the hashtag Tom Holland – and in order not to miss anything – also a reaction from Marisa TomeiAunt Mae’s Spider-Man trilogy in which the protagonist couple sees.

You can see the picture here

It did not take long for the rumor to reach the ears of the person concerned, who was forced to intervene in the case with an Instagram story. And here is the source reports the star of the series Euphoria and soon In the new Guadagnino moviehe wrote: “See, that’s why I’m staying off Twitter. They invent things for no reason… Weekly“.

Nothing he does after that for whom he expects Zendoland (or Hulaya, if you prefer) they were already about to start a family. However, things seem to be going smoothly: a few months ago it was revealed that the actor is the face of the MCU and Unknown He was going to spend a lot of money to take her home A short distance from where he grew up and where his parents still live. Could it be just the first step in life together?

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Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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source: daily Mail

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