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The European Union forces you to renovate: 3 costs of renovating a 100 square meter house

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To keep up with EU indicators, you will have to renovate your home soon: here are the three main costs of working at home.

Given the latest European Union directives on the environmental sustainability of the home and the minimum standards required, Many will have to quickly renovate their homes For this compliance with the law. Rejuvenation interventions have a high cost, which can be measured by the extent of interventions required. Want to know how much it costs Renovation of an apartment of 100 square meters? Continue reading this article.

Renewal and energy property category – Ilovetrading

To understand how much it costs to renovate an average apartment (between 70 and 100 square metres), we must first determine the type of intervention needed. Out Three levels of refactoring: basic, intermediate, and advancedas far as individual financial resources allow.

These three examples can be valid if we are talking about one Purely aesthetic renovation, as there are no structural, mold, or other issues with the property. For aesthetic procedures, prices can vary from a 300 minimum reach to up to a maximum of 1,500 euros per square metre; In this case, we still excluded interventions for the environmental sustainability of the property.

100 sqm house renovation: how much does it cost and why does the EU force you to do it?

Only in order to replenish cosmetics, you will need at least money 50-70 thousand euros for the construction of about 100 square meters, which is double the price if we want a luxury home. Prices continue to increase if, in an apartment of similar size, it is necessary to deal with structural interventions or refurbishment of the electrical and drainage systems.

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Renewal and energy property category – Ilovetrading

Let us consider, for example, that costs Demolition and waste disposal They prowl About 3,000 euros, while a complete bathroom renovation requires at least 4,000 euros. However, a significant portion of the final figure will only be used for Upgrade the power class from the apartment.

The latest EU directives were very clear: homes on EU territory must be completely green. The census will be conducted by June 2023 of all properties. Those that are not in line with the new energy requirements – and we are talking about the vast majority of European homes – will have to implement targeted interventions.

The goal is this: all homes should do this Back to energy class E by January 1, 2030And In energy class D by January 1, 2033. Bad news for all homes in Class F and G, which in less than ten years will have to find a way to adapt by installing photovoltaic panels or a new, more efficient boiler.

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