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“Silly threats. France and Germany do not honor agreements »-

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From Marco Gallozo

Government: take the money? We will not turn around anymore and the NGOs will go elsewhere

Georgia Meloni He has no intention of backing down. thought that from France’s reaction is disproportionate At the same time A threat that speaks for itself. A threat that does not frighten the Italian government, let alone those references regarding it Financial solidarity mechanisms that Paris considers very generous towards our country.

A minister in Palazzo Chigi has just come out of a meeting with the head of government, and his summary has no nuances: “Those in Paris are ridiculous threatsDo they want to take our money? That will mean We won’t date anyone anymoreNGOs will go elsewhere.”

The government’s position is unifiedcoordinated without different interpretations of On the accusations leveled by Paris And to the call to other EU countries to abolish Immigrant Redistribution Agreements It took place in June, under the Draghi government. It is a position that unites the Ministry of the Interior and European Affairs and the diplomatic staff of the Chigi Palace, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajaniwho is visiting the Netherlands with the head of state and who is not far from it Sergio Mattarella He told the agencies his opinion on the matter: France’s opinion is “one.” disproportionate reaction“.

He’s definitely there in this case Something that hasn’t come outa misunderstanding that occurred three nights before, upon his return from Egypt, from the COP27 conference, with a note Meloni thanked the French government for its willingness to open one of its ports. Probably At the Elysee, they did not like the level of publicity That they would have preferred something different, perhaps negotiations were underway and a short circuit in the communications would occur A story that began in the name of dialogue and ended in a diplomatic confrontation without precedents.

Certainly, however, behind any rebuilding, The Italian government thinks this is true. Another minister puts it this way: “The Ocean Viking ship, whether all or nothing fell, was extortion. Three ships in a few days were not accidental. NGOs cannot have the power to define the relationship between countries. The June Agreements, signed under the French presidency of the Union, with the facilitation of Macron, were correct: it was finally recognized that Treaty of Lisbon It speaks not only of a fair sharing of responsibilities but also of solidarity between nations. Too bad it’s almost unworkable, since In about five months, Germany took in only 75 immigrants from us And the France received 38 in total On the promise of 500. How do we put it, who does not honor agreements? ».

In short, if The Ministry of the Interior has changed the Italian font Compared to the previous government it is because the declaration that was signed before Minister Lamorgese It basically remained unfulfilled. And, “If it happens to be 200 people compared to the 90,000 migrants who docked on our shores this year, that means there is something else under that — he still tells the government —.” Macron has internal political problems, In this case, it is revealed on the left and on the right, one of them must face general strikeBut don’t think you can scare us by raising the tone.”

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also to Farnesina Reading the story marries the rest of the government line: “It is not normal for this to happen at some moments In the Sicily Channel there even 15 or 16 NGO naval units
With the support of two reconnaissance planes. It’s not normal The captain of a private ship decides that one country and not another open its ports. A year ago, the issue of submarines in Australia caused an unprecedented crisis between Paris and Washington, which was then reconfigured according to its own economic interests, and could also occur in this case ».

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