Sunday, March 3, 2024

Enjoy in Finland, Canada

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TAMPERE – The third consecutive edition (2019, 2021 and 2022) Canada and Finland have played for world gold.

After each win, the Helsinki and Dumbledore home team were delighted: the final action ended in favor of the Scandinavians 4-3, so they were able to recover from the defeat twelve months earlier in Riga.

What about the controversy? The Canadians took the lead in the 24th minute in the Powerplay with an unstoppable shot from Buffalo Sabers striker Dylan Coshens’ stick.

The third time? One after another emotions. Pushed by their spectators, the hosts turned the match upside down by scoring two goals (both scored by Michael Granland) within 104 seconds, the first 5c3 and the second 5c4. The whistle against Cole Schillinger infuriated the Canadians, given the questionable penalty.

Armia’s Finnish goal later seemed to put an end to the controversy, but the seals of White Cloud (57’48 ”) and Comtois (58’36 ”) sent both teams into extra time, which was decided at 67. Forgive me in a situation of numerical superiority. / STF (Martin Meissner)