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Zack Snyder on Sci-Fi Rebel Moon: “It’d be like a Krypton scene from Man of Iron, on steroids” | Cinema

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A few hours ago quoting the lyrics Zack Snyder Released in an interview, we told you what the title of the sequel to army of the dead. If you missed the information, you will find it In this article.

Still from the same interview Zack Snyder posted (a) inverseWe can tell you some small additional details about your next project, moon rebels, an intergalactic adventure written and directed for Netflix, the home of his latest work army of the dead. Snyder will write the film with Shay Hittin (writer army) and Kurt Gunstad (who wrote 300).

The director explains:

We are only at the beginning. It’s crazy and bulky, but very exciting and I’m super excited to be able to show some artwork soon and reveal the cast because it’s all in the making.

But it’s talking to Post Cred Pod that reveals a bit about the amazing reach and “muscular” For what already promises to be popular: it will be like version “on steroids” From the Man of Steel series set on Krypton.

โ€œThe prequel to The Man of Steel has a lot of interesting sci-fi elements and itโ€™s what weโ€™re trying to achieve with Rebel Moon. However, everything will be on steroids there.โ€

The story begins when a peaceful colony at the edge of the galaxy is attacked by armies of a guardian tyrant named Balisarius. Thus different people send a young woman with a mysterious past to search for warriors from nearby planets to confront their enemies.

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This is the fruit of my passion for Akira Kurosawa and Star Wars when I was a young man.โ€ Snyder commented a while ago. “It represents my love for science fiction and great adventures. The hope is that it will become a giant intellectual property that can be built and explored“.

Filming will start in 2022.

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