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Content Release Date Announced – Multiplayer.it

Content Release Date Announced – Multiplayer.it

As many will remember, during Bethesda’s June Xbox Showcase, Microsoft And the Riot Games announced an important partnership, which expects League of Legends, the PC version, Wild Rift, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra to arrive on Xbox Game Pass. Since all Riot Games are free, the benefit players will get is all in terms of content, seeing the list of each game complete and available. During the summer announcement, an important detail was missing: when all of this would become available. Surprisingly, Microsoft and Riot Games have just announced the start of this partnership, and it’s very close indeed. On December 12, 2022, all Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access to the hottest titles from Riot Games and unlock all content. Specifically, starting Monday, December 12, the following will be available:


  • Access to all proxies that have already been issued
  • Reach out to all new agents as soon as they become available
  • 20% increase in experience points provided by Battle Passes, Event Passes, and progress in active agent contracts

league of legends:

  • Access to all 160+ heroes
  • Access to each new hero as soon as it is released
  • 20% increase XP

Runeterra Legends:

  • All cards are in the foundations deck

Teamfight Tactics:

  • 1 Little Legend Strategist 1 Star (Rare Rank)
  • 4 Arena skins available until April 2023 and a monthly rotating Arena skin thereafter

regarding League of Legends: Wild Riftplayers will have to wait a few more weeks, with updates slated for January 2023. In particular:

  • Access to over 80 heroes
  • Access to all new heroes once they are released
  • 20% increase XP
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And as an added bonus, players who link their accounts before January 1, 2023 will get more rewards for Riot Games titles:

  • Valorant – Sage pocket companion
  • league of legends – Masterpiece chest and key
  • Teamfight Tactics – Mini Legend rare egg
  • wild rifts – Random token box
  • Runeterra Legends Prismatic chest

To prepare for the arrival of this content, just make sure you have the Xbox app installed and updated on your PC. Starting December 12th, there will be simple instructions on how to link your Riot account to your Xbox Game Pass account.