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The ridiculous demands of Hollywood stars

The ridiculous demands of Hollywood stars

There are many cases where Hollywood stars, with their requests, were able to make significant changes to films. Here are some of the episodes that marked the history of cinema.

When we watch a movie or series, we often don’t think about the work behind the production. The photography, costumes and scenes as a whole are the result of careful work done by those behind the camera. However, quite often, actors manage to turn projects around with their requests.

Hollywood (web source) 04.07.2022-direttanews.it
Hollywood (web source)

Changes decided by the stars

The first case that we propose relates to the movie “Fast and Furios”. actress Michelle Rodriguezwho plays Letty in the saga, revealed in an interview that he was She refused to betray her boyfriendToretto, played by Vin Diesel.

Anna Kendrickfrom her side He rejected the idea of ​​a love story between his character Becca and Theo – Played by Jay Burnett – in the movie “Pitch Perfect 3”. According to the actress, he could have interfered with the plot, affecting the professional relationship of the two characters.

actress Emma Watson is assigned to He changed her outfit in the movie “Beauty and the Beast”.. The character of Belle, in the original project, was supposed to wear a bodice.

Emma Watson (web source) 04.07.2022-direttanews.it
Emma Watson in “Beauty and the Beast” (web source)

Emma refused, explaining that she did not intend to give life to an elusive model of female beauty. So he wore a rubber corset – he was able to move more freely.

Elizabeth OlsenKnown for her role as Wanda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she asked the film producers to modify her costume. For the actress, the latter should have been more creative and detailed.

Elizabeth She wanted to be more coveredShe compared her outfit to teammates Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow). Wanda had a more pronounced neck line, and after the statements of the actress, her outfit was changed.

The plot changes

martial arts symbol Bruce Lee He imposed himself during the filming of “The Green Hornet” – in which he played the role of Kato -, Rejected fight scene with Robin.

The actor explained that his character would not let himself be defeated by the opponent. As an end result, in the movie, a tie is featured between the two.

The ending of the first movie in the “Avengers” saga was altered by Robert Downey Jr., Who wanted something more impactful?

Robert Downey Jr., The Avengers (web source) 04.07.2022-direttanews.it
The final scene of the movie “The Avengers” (web source)

According to the book, actor and colleague Tony Stark had to wonder, “Now what?” After the epic final battle in New York. But after Robert’s requests they thought of alternatives. In the end it is decided to go to the end we know: the group of heroes who gather to eat at our shawarna.

Finally we have Prince cameo in the sitcom “New Girl”. The singer has always been a fan of the series and especially the relationship between Jess and Nick. The veil proposal came from himself: Prince wanted to participate in the sitcom and intervene to repair the relationship between the two characters.


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