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Your money is at risk: this is why it should be taken out of the banks – Democrat

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It is no longer safe to keep your money in your checking account nowadays. Let’s get to know the risk factors together

Most Italians are convinced that one of the safest ways not to waste money is to keep your money in the bank. Today there are about forty million savers in our country who leave their savings in their current accounts. However, according to the suggestions of some experts, they seem to exist number of risks So this kind of strategy is not worth it.

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Certainly this is necessary Keep your savings safeEspecially in times of crisis like the one we are going through right now. Because of the war in Ukraine, and even before, Covid, the economic situation has deteriorated significantly, which led to higher taxes.

At this point, we need to come up with a plan to keep profits so we don’t risk running out of money. In this regard, let’s now find out the reasons for this It is better to take the money out of the banks.

Account verification, that’s why money is removed

According to, there are five main reasons why it’s best not to leave your money in the bank. The first is related to potential failure. In case “saving in”or rather the case of bank debts, the first to risk are shareholders, sub-creditors, all persons and companies with deposits exceeding one hundred thousand euros.

Another reason is undoubtedly related to inflation, because purchasing power always decreases over time. Therefore, keeping money in the bank is definitely not a good idea. Then later there confiscation of tax authoritieswhere the checking account is blocked in case of non-payment and thus becomes unusable.

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The last two reasons why it is better not to leave a lot of money in the banks are respectively property tax and the tax tax. Regarding the latter, a stamp duty of just over 34 euros must be paid on an account with a balance of five thousand euros.

At this point, we emphasize that each investor is free to follow his own strategy. For those who no longer want to keep their money in the bank, there is an example Different types of investmentsfor which, however, it is necessary to contact the experts in the sector in order not to incur irreparable errors.

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