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ARC and the Magic of Lights review

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Starting from a graphic novel, the Australian animated film Arkie and the Magic of Lights looks willingly at Coraline, painting a maddening yet narratively cohesive and poignant world.

The little girl Arki is the adopted daughter of Blister the octopus. Yes, you read correctly. We are on Alien planetwhere sentient octopuses have the ability to generate and maintain normalcy: Blister stays away from chaos City of lightsHe plants his peninsula with love, while Arki tries to follow in his father’s footsteps. Arki’s not quite human: He has claws instead of an armShe lost an eye, and she makes up for it with great creativity and a desire to live. But when the blister will be to kidnap They are taken to the city by thugs Dr. DeceptionThanks for the help, Arki Funny rabbit And an egg She will leave her world on a dangerous adventure… which will reveal something about her identification.

I intentionally spent a few more words than usual on the plot of this story ARC and the magic of lights: As much as the Australian cartoons he signed Richard Couso And Tanya Vincent (with the latter supervising the animation) traces the themes and messages typical of this type of product, and does so through Ambitious, impressive narrative and visual freedom, which seems a little beyond the usually timid horizon of low-budget animation productions. The film was not born from scratch, but from Graphic novel “Scarygirl” by Nathan Jurevicius, started in 2008 and was actually adapted into an action video game by Square Enix in 2012, for Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3. So we are faced with a multimedia brand, which, however, its author has managed very well, always making everything revolve around the protagonist. In the video game, tentacles were the means through which evolutions could be made. In film, that is, in a linear narrative experience, Arki’s strange, unclassifiable body It is the symbolic centerpiece of a multifaceted story about self-acceptance, parenting, science gone out of control, and the exploitation of natural resources.

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“Just when you imagine that movie”small” like ARC and the magic of lights You play defense, in the competitive hideout behind the noble houses, you find yourself appreciated Shades of gray replace black and white: The villain’s motives (originally Sam Neill!) is a degradation of understandable pain, just as some of Blister’s lies are meant for a good purpose but perhaps Arkie deserved more honesty. The same traveling companions, Bunny Bufu and Ovito, initially only helped the girl because they were expected to kidnap an octopus, which Dr. Deception covets, while they were trying to pay off their gambling debts. Therefore, he is kind-hearted, but can be dangerous due to lack of prospects. Surrounded by this novel that is not very innovative but not lazy either, the heroine gains power and nothing about her appearance and her way is free at the end of the story. The screenplay by Matt Everett, Christine O’Carroll and Les Turner is satisfying and Polly Watkins, writers of the adaptation of Jurevicius’ work, the film’s production designer.

Also considering the team behind ARC and the magic of lights The workforce of a large company cannot be relied upon and committed A variety of shapes Noticeable, both in Settings (natural and urban almost cyberpunk), both in Free character design, for a diverse cast where multiple influences can be felt, from animation to Burtonian design, through Disney. And where the characters move explicitly in the wake of one Stop motion simulated by CGIwinking at Selleck Coraline. Holy comparison? We won’t write that those levels of prowess have been reached, but here we don’t want to fly low. Arkie and the Magic of Lights certainly assumes that a person accepts it beforehand Extreme caricature ease, because he doesn’t make an effort to be “cute” or captivating at first glance. However, anyone who gives it a chance will like it The solidity of individual creative aspects and the way they are combined.

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