Friday, April 12, 2024

Diablo 4 breaks Nvidia RTX video cards? Some users are reporting that the trial version is corrupted

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Looks like the beta version Diablo 4 It had somewhat devastating consequences for some users, who reported through Reddit and Blizzard’s official forum for fell apart It happened by itself Nvidia video cardsEspecially some RTX 3080 models.

It is difficult to prove the real occurrence of these problems, as well as a direct connection with the use of Diablo 4, but the coincidence is quite surprising. a Reddit user reported it him RTX 3080 Ti It completely froze after about 20 minutes of playing, with responses that seemed to confirm similar episodes from other players as well.

A similar problem has also been reported on Blizzard official forumas well as some YouTubers, such as fireworks. Obviously, it can be isolated cases and simple coincidences, but a similar case previously also happened with MMO New World at launch.

The problem, in this case, was an overload of work that would lead to damage seams Not very solid from the GPUs involved and something like that could appear in this case as well, although Diablo 4 isn’t exactly a game that puts video cards under a lot of stress.

In any case, this was enough to stir up the issue among the gamer community, which anyway for the vast majority had not detected such problematic cases. For the rest, we remind you of the open beta dates and times on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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