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Thieves steal two million 10-cent coins

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Thieves set into action to rob a truck loaded with fresh coins in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. According to the police, the truck contained about 750,000 dollars in nickels, and the value of the stolen items was about two hundred thousand dollars.

An individual and curious robbery that took place in the last few hours in Pennsylvania, USA. Thieves have sprung up to work for Steal a truck loaded with fresh coins And I went to another branch of the State Mint, and managed to move two million 10-cent copies worth about two hundred thousand dollars.

The theft occurred very early Thursday morning when thieves broke into a semi-trailer containing hundreds of thousands of dollars in coins that was parked in a shopping mall parking lot. In Northeast Philadelphia. According to police, the truck contained approximately $750,000 on 15 pallets, $50,000 per pallet.

The thieves went into action shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday by randomly flipping coins around the truck as it pulled from bags. After I saw the subject of theft, It was hard to estimate the loot right away. Investigators initially put the amount at $100,000, but on Friday, after closer scrutiny, the number jumped to $200,000. If police estimates are correct, the thieves should have carried around 5 tons of coins from the parking lot.

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According to the reconstructed The truck was headed to the Miami Mint. in Florida, by the Philadelphia Mint, located in Old Town. Police said the truck driver picked up the shipment of coins on Wednesday evening and headed to the northeast, where he lives. Authorities said he then parked the trailer in the parking lot and went home to rest. At this point the robbers strike.

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It is not yet clear if the truck driver will face chargesBut it’s certainly not common practice to leave a trailer unattended and drive away especially with such a precious load. Police said that although the details of this case are strange, truck thefts are common in the area. Police Capt. John Ryan said, “There have been a lot of thefts of merchandise here and there in Northeast Philadelphia and South Philadelphia over the last few months, they’ve stolen trucks with lamb and chicken, televisions, refrigerators, wine, etc…”.

The police now Screening surveillance footage of the area Trying to find out who might have done the hit. Particularly at the moment we are looking for a group of “10 or more males” dressed in black. They are also looking for a white Chrysler pickup with tinted windows that could have been used to carry bags of currency.

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