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Anti-Wrinkle Foods 9 Anti-Aging Foods According to Science

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Wrinkles, pimples, eczema and skin tags on the table can be prevented by following a diet that includes anti-wrinkle foods. These are foods that contain substances that naturally lift the body, but what are they? Read on to find out.

Anti-Wrinkle Nutrition –

Anti-aging superfood, anti-wrinkle food

According to research conducted at the University of Cambridge, wrinkles can be reduced by improving dull appearance and signs of aging, through adequate nutrition. In particular, we are talking about some specific superfoods that allow you to have an even, radiant complexion that is free from signs of aging. Here’s what it is and how it works.


An organism that does not get enough water and fluids will have dry, dry, dull, and wrinkled skin. For this reason, you should drink at least one glass of plain water as soon as you wake up, one glass before breakfast, one before lunch and one before dinner. Also keep a tumbler of a glass of water every hour, always at room temperature, and never freezing.

Red fruits, anti-wrinkle foods

Beets, strawberries, raspberries, and red potatoes are all natural foods that help maintain skin tone. In addition, these foods contain silicic acid, which makes the connective tissue elastic and prevents unsightly sagging skin.

raw fish

When fish is not cooked, it provides a good amount of iodine which enhances iodine function and helps maintain perfect physical shape. It also contains beneficial fatty acids for the skin to keep it soft and proteins that give volume to the hair.

Sushi is an excellent food, a true ally for the health of connective tissues because it contains algae that remove toxins and revitalize the sluggish metabolism. It is also a source of vitamins and minerals. Rice is another very important food as it eliminates excess fluid and contains fiber that aids digestion.

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Spinach, legumes and whole foods

These foods are rich in biotin and vitamin A, these substances make the skin radiant and provide fiber. The latter gives a feeling of satiety in addition to facilitating the purification of the body and therefore also of skin impurities.


Grapes are high in vitamins A, C, and E as well as beta-carotene, in addition to the presence of many minerals. It is a fluid-rich fruit that is useful for deep moisturizing cells and avoiding the formation of wrinkles.


Researchers at Chandirgah University’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences analyzed the Indian spice, and found that taking this root gives significant benefits. Among these there is a kind of protection from the sun’s rays, and therefore counteracts the aging of the skin. To achieve this effect, simply add a teaspoon of fresh turmeric in soup, in sauce, in omelette or take this substance through capsules.

Cabbage, onion and broccoli

These vegetables, as well as chili peppers, garlic, radishes, pumpkin seeds, ragano, broccoli, spirulina, and watercress are foods rich in sulfur. They also contain enzymes that are able to maintain the elasticity of the skin by strengthening and stimulating the action of collagen.

Green vegetables, banana and tomato

These fruits and vegetables combined with cucumbers, peppers, barley, apricots, nettles, oats and lentils are foods that are high in silicon, which helps make the skin resistant and elastic. It also stimulates their regeneration by helping to delay the formation of wrinkles.

Pumpkin, poppy, sunflower, pine and cashew seeds

The seeds, including macadamia seeds, are a source of zinc, which is essential for skin health and beauty. This mineral works by facilitating cell repair and regeneration. Zinc fights wrinkles, prevents and fights stretch marks, and works against the formation of cellulite and all skin imperfections.

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