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In Chamois and Châtillon, promotion also includes cinema

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The promotion of our lands and their artistic, touristic, folkloric, ecological and traditional characteristics passes through Chamois and Châtillon through cinematography. confirm it Memorandum of Understanding with the Vallée d’Aoste Film Commission It was signed during the two council meetings Thursday 29 December And the Monday 19 December past.

Memorandum of Understanding

The agreement between the municipal administrations of Chamois and Châtillon and the Film Commission aims to present Positive economic impact For hotels, restaurants, shops and various local services companies.

Valid Until December 31, 2025 And subject to renewal, the protocol sees the involvement of the two countries in this simplification bureaucratic procedures Before shooting, as well as in facilitation Search from settingsAnd the staffAnd the Materials and services necessary to achieve production.

On the other hand, in addition to co-opting your location And in proper demand allow For local authorities and law enforcement, the territorial institution will propose to carry out duties Duties Training and information Among the personalities involved, think of projects that promote and educate the culture of cinema and emphasize on Territory role benefit.

Film Commission Philosophy

Film Commission has been busy since the fall of 2010 in the form of Landscaping improvement From the area that does not ignore its own protection and growth environmental, architectural and cultural potential. Supported by its resources and expertise in the audiovisual sector, the Foundation seeks above all to disseminate A very positive and attractive image from Aosta Valley.

joint b Support the local film industry By stimulating their ideas, it is also hiring Resources Technical, professional and technical for the concerned area and tries to ensure professionals favorable working conditions throughout the film’s creative process. Finally, we realize the importance ofdirections Based on specialty In its line of work, the Film Commission proposes specific programs Dedicated and deals with staging events and artistic appearances of a purely cinematic nature.

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goals achieved

Post 90 works Created and followed by the Film Commission, they managed to touch the beauty of approx 1000 sitesAs well as filming and broadcasting in 4K 28 peaks Sweetened: numbers that, as a result, have brought economic benefit to the Aosta Valley About 34 million euros.

Among the latest film productions signed by the regional institution is A Christmas Fantasy Adventure “Snow White’s Adventure” from the director Stephen Milla, which in addition to the castle of Entrod and the castle of Imavilles also managed to explore the wooded surroundings with the eyes of the camcorder; The documentary from Edit Francesca’s refrigerator and plays it Giorgio Faciano “The Seed of the Future”able to capture a large part of the Aosta Valley from the mountains to the capital, and sports comedy “Upside down” created by Luke Tornatore And placed between Bella and Usta.

It can’t be missed next, next to the previously signed documentary Paola Piacenza And the Domenico Quirico “The Home Front”The famous feature film “The Eight Mountains” to Felix van Groningen and Charlotte VanderMeerschBased on the novel of the same name Paolo Cognetti Witch Award recognized with Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival And in the room since last Thursday, December 22nd.

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