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Space to participate in the next decade – first operating license

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The new national banking contract will have to place female workers in the center through organizational models shared by the two parties, according to a strong participatory logic. In this way it will be possible to ensure the social role of banks – as explained by President Antonio Battole in his report to the ABI Association, which confirmed his assumption of the presidency of the company – also in light of the changes associated with digital innovation and from the new environmental sustainability goals. ” This was stated by the Secretary General of First Cisl. Ricardo Colombani.

“Batweli’s call for a system of strong values, grounded in social responsibility, which knows how to combine causes of development with reasons for protection and professional growth of workers, is acceptable, in the belief – adds Colombani – that the banking system, if ethically oriented, is less prone to crisis” .

From this perspective, it is of paramount importance, as Bank of Italy Governor Ignazio Visco pointed out in his speech, that banks take into account climate change in their business models and plans, in order to prevent loan-related losses and direct loans towards more sensitive activities. Environmental. The results of the stress tests released today by the European Central Bank – concluded Colombani – show the supervisory authority’s realization that there is still a long way to go on this front.”

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