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5G, Canada bans Huawei and ZTE

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Three years after the backlash, Canada has also decided to ban Huawei and ZTE from the country’s 5G networks. Ottawa is therefore aligning itself with Washington, thus risking resuming the diplomatic crisis with Beijing.

Three years after the backlash, Canada has also decided to ban it Huawei and ZTE From the country’s 5G networks. Ottawa is therefore aligning itself with Washington, thus risking resuming the diplomatic crisis with Beijing. He writes it Les Echoes.

Then the decision was made “A thorough review of our security agencies and ongoing consultation with our close associates” The government of Justin Trudeau noted.

The ban will have little effect on Canadian operators who were already anticipating the outcome.

A ban “Unfounded” And based on non-existent security risks. China’s answer to this China’s decision to bar Chinese telecom companies Huawei and ZTE from accessing its 5G wireless networks p.For national security reasons. “China stands firm against all this,” he said. said Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Wang Wenpin Adding that to Beijing “All necessary steps will be taken” To protect Chinese companies.

Results that have already been metabolized by the operators

The country’s top three players – Bell Canada, Rogers & Telus – They already returned to Chinese suppliers two years ago.

However, Huawei has been in the country for over ten years and is the main supplier of 4G antennas to Telus and Bell. But as massive investments were made, the risk of withdrawal was much higher. So all the Canadian “telcos” turned to the two big European manufacturers. Ericsson And Nokia.

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Diplomatically, however, the Trudeau government’s decision did not fail to cause a stir. The ban on Chinese telecommunications equipment has been a great success for the US neighbor. Washington has been campaigning for five years for its allies to ban Chinese companies from 5G networks, and the existence of such equipment will provide Beijing with mechanisms to control critical infrastructure, including factories, hospitals, water and electricity. Networks, etc.

Blackmail opened to intelligence

Against the backdrop of growing leading opposition between the two major powers of the 21st century, the move is a way to stem the tide of Huawei’s incredible progress in making the world number one in telecommunications for thirty years – since then the United States has not provided national level equipment in the states since the disappearance of Motorola and Lucent. The maneuver worked perfectly.

Between countries that closed their doors to Chinese equipment and restrictions on exporters of US software and semiconductors, Huawei bit the powder. By 2021, China’s largest technology company will have lost 29% of its revenue. And his difficulties were not resolved.

To achieve an alliance, the United States did not hesitate to publicly intimidate intelligence, arguing that it was impossible for telecommunications networks to continue to share information with countries suspected of being compromised by China. Thus, it is not surprising that the first countries to follow Uncle Sama in his crusade were his most loyal partners: Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Canada joins allies

But Canada is still missing from membership “Five eyes”Powerful Alliance of Anglo-Saxon Secret Services.

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The equation was complicated by the fact that in late December 2018, at the request of the United States, he was arrested and detained on Ottawa soil. Meng Wancho, Daughter of Huawei’s financial director and its founding founder. The case quickly escalated when two Canadian citizens were arrested in China and one-third were sentenced to death. A few months after Meng Wanzhou’s test in Vancouver, China’s ban on Canada’s pork, beef and especially rapeseed – the country’s largest exporter in the world – came as a severe economic shock.

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These tensions eased. Last fall, a diplomatic agreement allowed Meng Wanzhou to return to China and deport two imprisoned Canadians. Just this week, after a three-year embargo that cost billions of euros to Canadian farmers, their rapeseed was re – approved by Beijing amid global tensions over all oil-related products related to the war in Ukraine.

Undoubtedly it is time for Justin Trudeau to clarify his position on Chinese 5G antennas. At the risk of hurting Beijing, it immediately announced its firm opposition to an “unsubstantiated” decision.

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