November 30, 2023

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Legendary car prices are dynamic and decided by Hagerty –

Legendary car prices are dynamic and decided by Hagerty –

The Legendary car prices to Gran Turismo 7 I Moving It will therefore fluctuate over time, estimates Hagerty, an insurance company that specializes in evaluating vintage cars. This way the cost of these cars will constantly reflect their true market value.

This strange collaboration also includes the presence of the brand I emigrated In Gran Turismo Career 7. Even the company’s CEO, McKeel Hagery, appears in the game as an avatar who guides the player, providing historical and educational insights into some of the historic cars available for purchase at “Hagerty Collection” dealerships, ranging from the cheapest models with 150,000 points to the most expensive 20 million credits. .

Gran Turismo 7, CEO of Hagerty appears in the game

However, the most interesting details of this collaboration are precisely related to the dynamic pricing of the legendary cars of Gran Turismo 7. At the moment we do not know the exact time periods in which they will be updated, but you can guess at the cost. They fluctuate over time, with blue and red arrows to indicate the direction of the market.

This is certainly an interesting idea, but it may make some players look their noses up, especially after the numerous complaints about the excessive micro-transaction price of Gran Turismo 7.

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