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Watching movies on the first Saturday in April, in prime time and late in the evening

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What movies are on TV tonight? Here she is to us Complete TV guide with the best movies Tonight, Saturday, April 1, 2023, is broadcast in primetime and late evening on the main free-to-air TV channels, with plots, actors and trailers.

  • Pelican report (excitement) Aired on Eris on the 21stFilm by Alan J. Bakula, starring Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Sam Shepherd, John Lithgow, John Heard, Tony Goldwyn, James Sikking, William Atherton, Robert Culp, Hume Cronin, Stanley Tucci, Jake Weber, Nicholas Woodson, Ralph Cusham and John Finn.

    the plot of the film: Two justices of the Supreme Court of the United States of America are mysteriously murdered: Rosenberg is shot in his room, while Jensen suffocates in a red light cinema.
    Darby Shaw, a law student from New Orleans, is involved in these two cases, because her teacher and lover, Thomas Callahan, was an associate of one of the two dead judges.
    The girl begins to search and search for something that will unite the murders. Working hard, she discovers things that lead her to write what will soon be known as “The Pelican Report”. Darby shares this information with Thomas, who in turn provides it to the FBI.
    Finding herself alone and realizing she is in grave danger, Darby turns to Washington Herald reporter Gray Grantham, who tells her everything she knows. So Gray and Darby start working together, but everyone they come in contact with disappears from circulation.
    Meanwhile, the White House begins to worry about the consequences that could occur if the “Pelican Report” falls into the wrong hands. Indeed, the two protagonists finally have everything they need to shed light on the truth, but what they discover will make many armchairs shake…

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  • Bread and tulips (comedy) It was broadcast on Rai Movie at 21.10a film by Silvio Soldini, with LiciaShirt, Bruno Ganz, Antonio Catania, Giuseppe Battiston, Marina Masseroni, Vitalba Andrea, Felice Andresi, Tatiana Lepore, Lina Bernardi, Tiziano Cocchiarelli, Matteo Fibo, Mauro Marino, Antonia Miccoli, Ludovico Palladian Bossi, Massimo Speziali Don Bacchi, Manrico Gamarotta, Daniela Peperno, Gisela Volody, Paola Promate, Nunzio Daniele and Fausto Russo Alessi.

    the plot of the film: During a tourist bus trip, Rosalba, a housewife from Pescara, is forgotten at a motorway service station. Slightly offended, instead of waiting for her husband and children to come and pick her up, she decided to go home on her own. However, she is on a car to Venice, where she first arrived and feels she wants to stay. Memo, the husband, does not know how to act, until he discovers that Costantino, one of his employees, is a fan of mystery books, and therefore sends him to Venice with the task of finding his wife. Meanwhile, Rosalba has found work in the flower shop of Fermo, an elderly anarchist, and lives in the house of Fernando, a strange gentleman of Icelandic descent who works as a waiter and lover of Orlando Furioso and poetry in general. Rosalba also makes friends with Grazia, a neighbor, beautician and masseuse, and then, at Fernando’s request, she also resumes playing the accordion. After various twists…

  • Starsky and Hutch (Action, Comedy) Broadcast on TwentySeven at 21.20Film written by Todd Phillips, starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Snoop Dogg, Fred Williamson, Vince Vaughn, Juliette Lewis, Jason Bateman, Amy Smart, Carmen Electra, George Cheung, Chris Penn, Brand Roderick, Molly Sims, Matt Walsh, Sean Tillman and Patton Oswalt.

    the plot of the film: David Starsky and Ken ‘Hutch’ Hitchinson are among Bay City’s brightest clients. After the body of smuggler Res Feldman’s collaborator, Terrence Myers, is found, the two begin to suspect that the latter was involved in the murder. Feldman’s cross-examination appears to clear him of suspicion, and Starsky and Hutch visit his ex-girlfriend Heather, hoping she will have more concrete information. Heather won’t risk it and just gives them the lead, which leads to inmate Paige Earl. To get the man to talk, the two agents conduct an interrogation out of whatever scheme the case will cost him.
    Although Starsky and Hutch have testimony from Big Earl about Feldman’s cocaine dealings, Captain Dobby believes the evidence presented has been tampered with to make fools of the Bay City police. However, Starsky and Hutch are convinced they can still solve the case…

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  • Leap in the dark (Adventure, Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi) Broadcast on Warner TV at 21.10a film by Joe Dante, starring Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Fiona Lewis, John Hora, Wendy Schaal, Harold Sylvester, Vernon Wells and Robert Picardo.

    the plot of the film: San Francisco, California. Lieutenant Tuck Pendleton, an aircraft test pilot, volunteers for a secret miniaturization experiment. It will be enclosed in a capsule that is shrunk down to the size of a molecule and then injected into a lab rabbit. Tuck has nothing to lose as he has resigned from the US Navy and has been dumped by his girlfriend, Lydia Maxwell, due to his irresponsible and immature behaviour.
    On the day of the experiment, as Tuck is about to be injected into the rabbit, the lab is attacked by scientists from a rival organization, headed by Victor Eugene Scrimshaw, who intend to steal the microchips that allow miniaturization. But the experiment supervisor manages to escape with the syringe, and takes refuge in the nearby shopping centre. Before dying at the hands of his pursuers, the scientist injects Tuck and the capsule into Jack Putter, a shy and sullen store clerk.
    Realizing that he is inside a human, Tuck attaches a microphone to Jack’s eardrum to communicate with him…

  • down the head (western) Broadcast on Nove at 21.35a film by Sergio Leone with James Coburn, Romolo Valli, Rod Steiger, Rick Battaglia, Maria Monti, Franco Grazzosi, Domingo Antoine, Amato Garbini, John Frederick, Michael Harvey, Poldo Bendandi, Omar Bonnaro, Roy Bossier, Antonio Casale, Furio Meniconi and Stefano Oppedisano, Vincenzo Norvese, Nazzareno Natale, Goffredo Pistoni and Memè Perlini.
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    the plot of the film: Set in 1913 Mexico during the Revolution, it tells the story of Peon Juan Miranda and the bandit group he leads, consisting of six children plus other relatives.
    During the attack on a trolley, Miranda and his men find themselves confronted by IRA bomber and rebel John “Sean” Mallory, who causes some explosions on a motorbike. Given his talent, Miranda immediately thinks of an alliance that will allow him to invade the Mesa Verde bank and eventually rob it.
    Mallory refuses at first, as she is already working for Aschenbach, the owner of the mine, but then pretends to accept and runs off. The two meet again in Mesa Verde, and John takes Juan to a meeting of the revolutionaries: the attempt of the guerrilla war, led by Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, is to kill the new dictator…

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