September 25, 2023

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Xbox Game Pass, 6 games to leave catalog on October 15, 2022 –

Xbox Game Pass, 6 games to leave catalog on October 15, 2022 –

Xbox Game Pass We’ll see other exits for this month, of course, and from the official app we can already see that 6 games will leave the catalog on October 15, 2022on the first of two scheduled outside calls for these weeks.

So, these are the games leaving Xbox Game Pass on October 15th:

  • blood roots
  • sable
  • pain ring
  • Echo generation
  • good life
  • in the hole

Also in this case, they are above all indie games, among which there are very interesting titles. In particular, Sable, this is the special action adventure with the characterization inspired by the style of the illustrator Moebius, but also the Echo Generation, who in turn sets up the JRPG to tell a story that seems to have come out of a teenage adventure and an ’80s sci-fi movie.

Among these we also find The Good Life, the bizarre investigative adventure of Swery and the White Owls. As usual, the advice is to focus on these games in case there is something you are particularly attached to that you want to complete before they leave the catalog, or you decide to buy them by taking advantage of the extra discount that features titles on the game pass. For the rest, we are waiting for the announcement that the first batch of games will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in October 2022, a month full of interesting news on this front.

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