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This update will blow them away

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Whatsapp – newsby

WhatsApp is about to release a new update: no more hassle thanks to these changes, it’s an additional option

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through the Google Play beta program, bringing the version to The update is highly anticipated, and beta testers appreciate it. What interests users is the fact that the messaging platform wants to give the possibility to block users directly within the chat list and from notifications: a shortcut that will greatly simplify the procedure.

The WhatsApp
Whatsapp – newsby

WhatsApp is among the most used applications on our smart devices, which is also the reason why most of our business and personal contacts are conducted through this platform. Obviously, you don’t want to be bothered by unwanted people and to protect all users, the developers have seen fit to come up with a shortcut to block jammers with a simple click. In this way it becomes possible to block the contact without having to enter the chat and potentially leaving a lot more “on display”.

Block “annoyers” without entering the chat directly from notifications: the new WhatsApp update

The WhatsApp
WhatsApp (@WAbetainfo) – newsby

The second way to block users on WhatsApp comes directly from the notificationsBasically, the application will allow you to block the contact from the received message notification icon on the smartphone screen. Without opening the message, the possibility of blocking the user will appear below in order to immediately avoid further inconveniences, especially when it comes to completely unknown contacts. Offline ability to block contacts directly from the chat list Still doesn’t see the option to select multiple contacts to block them all at once. This can be useful for people who receive many messages from unknown contacts, perhaps due to business chat being activated or the type of work being done. So far, however, WhatsApp is planning a new update that does not provide a comprehensive removal: Chats will be deleted one by one.

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In particular, in recent weeks developers have allowed some beta testers to test the update. Therefore, the launch date of the new version is not known with certainty, but now it is so appreciated that we will be able to have it on our smartphones in the coming months. WhatsApp intends to work hard on privacy as user reports keep growing: Sharing sensitive data is becoming increasingly dangerous and that is why the platform is trying to protect its users in every possible way. Another new one that was announced recently, for example, is that photos and videos sent in a single shot (only one view is available) can’t even be captured or sent, in this way photographic material is less likely to get out of the chat in question.

An update that is likely to arrive soon on IG directives, where the disappearing images actually indicate if the user has taken a screenshot of the submitted image. Shortcut Blocked Users will be another step forward for robust security and privacy, as well as a practical solution for avoiding spam messages and unwanted contacts.

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