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Red Bulletin, Scenes of Arezzo on Netflix

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It was the most anticipated movie of the year, and once it came out it climbed to the top of Netflix’s most-watched ratings. The most expensive US streaming platform ever invested, Red Notice, starring Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, also has Arezzo’s signature. Photo of David Mariottini, who signed with his drone the first scene – the only shot at Castel Sant’Angelo – and the last, made in beautiful Sardinia.

“I just got back from England – says Mariottini – where I worked on a James Cameron movie and I haven’t yet been able to see the whole movie. But I’m very happy, because it was really expertise important job.”

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The long-awaited film by fans of the genre, combining excitement, action, mystery and irony, is not without amazing twists and special effects.

Two inspectors, one from the FBI (The Rock) and the other from Interpol, are hunting an elusive jewelry thief. They are one step away from his arrest in the halls of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. The thief wants to acquire three very precious and priceless golden eggs that Marcus Aurelius was going to give to Cleopatra and that the Egyptian billionaire is willing to buy them at a very high price as a wedding gift for his daughter. On their way, they encounter a second thief (Gal Gadot) at work who tricks detectives into believing The Rock is actually a thief. Inspector and thief end up in jail together. The plot unfolds among breathtaking chases across five continents, with a distinctly abrupt ending.


“We worked with production in November 2020 – says Mariottini – in the midst of the pandemic. And I remember that before eating, I was locked up at home, to avoid the risks of contracting Covid. We can’t miss a job opportunity like that. Kind .. We filmed scenes for 8 days between Rome and Sardinia.. an American kid filmed scenes of us with drones racing.”

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Rawson’s manager was Marshall Thurber in Rome Requested Specifically from Arezzo to shoot scenes using Panavision anamorphic optics. “These – explained Mariottini to Arezzo News – are one-of-a-kind pieces, no longer for sale. These handcrafted optics are invaluable. For us it was a huge burden of responsibility, giving us some very strong feelings.”

The most interesting were the scenes that the public began watching since November 12.

Arezzo Drones in the Most Desirable Collection

In the meantime, Arezzo continues to operate in the most coveted collections. In recent days he has been in England to shoot some scenes from James Cameron’s upcoming movie. A film that took them to Iceland and will see them in the coming months also inside the Frasassi Caves.

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